Learning ActionScript 3.0 Workshop

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Learning ActionScript 3.0 Workshop
Presented by Rich Shupe
Flashbelt Conference
Sunday, June 13th 9am -5pm
Holiday Inn Metrodome, 1500 Washington Ave. S, Minneapolis, MN 55454
If you have even a basic understanding of programming essentials--such as how to use variables and
functions--this one-day ActionScript workshop will help take your AS3 skills to the next level. Those new to
the language will benefit from an introduction to its two most fundamental building blocks: the event model
and display list. Experienced scripters will gain here as well, as intermediate skills like custom events,
memory management, and communicating with AS2/AS1 SWFs will be covered.
During the morning session you will evolve a sound visualization project from humble procedural roots to a
reusable object-oriented structure. After lunch, OOP will be the primary focus as you learn about inheri-
tance, composition, encapsulation, polymorphism, and more. By day's end, you'll have combined every-
thing you've learned to create a basic particle system--a great first step in building OOP architectures for
rich visuals and applications.
Demo source files will be distributed in each major topic area, so you won't have to type feverishly to keep
up. You'll be free to pay attention and make sure you understand the big picture as you go along. With all
of AS3's speed and power comes a steeper learning curve. This workshop will help get you moving quickly
and with confidence.
Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Prerequisites: Familiarity with Flash and basic programming concepts
Suggested Reading: Learning ActionScript 3 (O'Reilly)
Attendees will receive Chapter 2 of Learning ActionScript 3.0, "Language Fundamentals," before the
Rich Shupe is the founder of FMA -- a full-service multimedia development company and training facility in
New York City. Rich teaches Flash and other digital technologies in academic and commercial environ-
ments worldwide. He is a professor in the MFA department at New York's School of Visual Arts, is a Flash-
belt veteran, and presents at additional industry conferences, including Flash on the Beach and Flash at
the City, among others. He is also the author or co-author of several books, including Learning Action-
Script 3.0, Learning Flash CS4, and The ActionScript Quick Reference Guide (all O'Reilly), and presents
Flash video training for Lynda.com.
Getting Started
Meet and Greet
Finding our Collective Skill Level
Drawing with Vectors
Using Simple Motion Skills
The Event Model
Understanding Event Flow
Parsing Event Data
Target versus Current Target
Using Event Phases
Using Event Priority
Using Weak References
Removing Listeners
Sharing Event Listeners
Dispatching Custom Events
Bubbling Custom Events
Cancelling Events
Stopping Propagation
Passing Data with Events
The Display List
Using Display List Classes
Targeting Display Objects
Using Depth Management
Reparenting Display Objects
Loading and Unloading SWFs
Communicating with AS3 SWFs
Communicating with AS2/AS1 SWFs
Sound Visualization Project
Loading External Sounds
Sound Playback
Visualizing Peak Amplitude Data
Visualizing Spectral Data
Demo: Sound Visualization From Procedural to Object Oriented Programming
Introducing Object Oriented Programming
Using the Date Class
Using a Linkage Class
Using a Document Class
Writing a Class
Introducing OOP Tenets
Extending a Class
Building a Clock
Abstraction via Composition
"Is a" versus "Has a"
Building a Better Clock
Namespaces: Public, Private, et al
Accessor Methods: Getters and Setters
Customizing Behavior of Subclasses
(Presented as time allows)
Particle System Project
Building a Simple Particle System
Decorating Particles for Unique Behavior