Financial Management Standard in Schools (FMSiS) New Workbook Guidance


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Financial Management Standard in
s (FMSiS)

New Workbook Guidance


The new FMSiS workbook comprises of three stages:


School Details


List of Documents


Assessment Criteria

The workbook has been designed for Schools to complete and send to

School Financial Services by the submission date that has been/will be
provided to all Schools by letter.

Please save a copy of the FMSiS workbook from KentTrustWeb on your
School system before you begin.

We recommend you use the FMSiS Schools’ Gu
idance document to help you
with your FMSiS submission. This can be found on the FMSiS pages on
KentTrustWeb. It has been produced
to provide additional information to
assist Kent
s to meet FMSiS.


Guidance Manual gives:

► Tips an
d Guidance for each section of the assessment

► KCC Model documents (blue)

► Key Kent Resource documents (blue)

► Key FMSiS Resource documents (red)

Completing the workbook

Page 2


Please provide information in every field. This informa
tion is used for
background information in relation to the School and some of the information
will be used for your final report.
B: t
o return within the excel cell, eg for
the address, you will need to use
alt and enter

Page 3 Progress Page

This page
is for information only

you do not need to enter any details. The
page will update as you progress through the workbook and will inform you
when it is complete.

Page 4


Pages 4 to 8 list out the documents you will need as evidence for the F
assessment. These documents need to be in place for you to complete the
assessment criteria pages and will also need to be available for assessment
once your submission has taken place.

We have given you a checklist under each of the documents to he

Page 9

Assessment Criteria

Pages 9 to 27 cover the assessment criteria required for FMSiS. All of the
statements need to be answered Yes or No depending on whether they exist
in the School or not. At the end of each sub
section there are a few ad
questions that need to be answered to assist with our assessment. You no
longer have to write a comment against each of the criteria.

Page 28


When the workbook is completed it needs to be taken to the Full Governing
Body for approval

(unless this function has been delegated to another
committee). It should be signed and attached to the minutes which detail its
approval. Please print two copies so that the School can retain one copy and
the second to be given

to the FMSiS assessor during the visit to the School.

Once approved, please send the workbook as an email attachment to

If you have any queries please contact the Schools Financial Services on
01227 284612

or email