en Instructions Exchange of software in the digital control system DCS

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Exchange of software

in the digital control system DCS
(Control card RK 400. and central unit ZC 400.)
A program memory (EPROM) containing the CAN device software
is located in each CAN device with a RK 400. control card or cen
tral unit ZC 400. . A sticker with the software number is featured
on the program memory.
The software for the CAN devices is downwardly compatible to
the K version, i.e. given a mixture of old (back to the K version)
and new software (from the K version onwards) in a control sys
tem, the functions of the older software are retained, the functions
of the new software are not operative.
On control systems with a VS 35 support beam, the control cards
of the support beam and the web guider ( address X.5) must be
equipped with the same software version.
If a control system is to be equipped with the latest software, all
program memories must be replaced, also the respective com
mand stations such as DI .., DO .. etc. Only then will all the func
tions of the new software be operative.
Updating the entire soft
ware of a control system should be performed by E+L/GSP
Software exchange
The complete set of literature for the control system is required for
the exchange.
Replace the program memory as follows:

Read out and note
parameter values of the "old" program

Set the web guider to mid-way position.

Switch off the mains voltage.

Using suitable tools, remove the old program memory on the CAN
devices and insert the new program memory correctly. The locat
ing slot on the base and EPROM must coincide (visual inspection
of connections).

Switch the mains voltage on again.
Software number
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Check the CAN LEDs on the CAN devices:
- The CAN LEDs light up red for approx. 1 second when the mains
voltage is switched on and then change to green.
- If a CAN LED flashes red and green alternately, an error has oc
curred. In this case, all the modules (devices without their own
CAN connection, e.g. RT .. or LK ..) connected to this CAN device
must be unplugged once the mains voltage has been switched off.
Then, a "MEMCLEAR" must be performed for the CAN device. Af
terwards, the modules may be reconnected and the mains voltage
switched back on.
A "MEMCLEAR" may be performed via the setup editor or CAN
MON program. See "CAN bus, serial bus and setup editor" or
"CANMON" description.
- If all CAN LEDs light up green, everything is o.k. . You may then
proceed with the next step.

A "MEMCLEAR" must now be performed for all CAN devices on
which the program memory was replaced!
This step may be omitted if a MEMCLEAR was already performed
because the CAN LED lit up red.

After a MEMCLEAR, the addresses and subaddresses of the CAN
devices, i.e. sensors, support beams etc. connected to the CAN
device, must be checked. The addresses and subaddresses are
specified in the block diagram and in the parameter list.
If addresses have been changed by the MEMCLEAR, these must
be corrected as required. To render the new addresses effective,
the digital control system must be reset.
A reset may be performed via the setup editor or CANMON pro
gram. See the "CAN bus, serial bus and setup editor" or "CAN
MON" description

Now enter the parameter values you have noted down or those
from the parameter list in the new program memory.

Perform a web guider initialization run and if featured, a support
beam initialization run. See web guider description.
Once all these steps have been taken into consideration and
performed, the control system is again ready for operation.
Technical data subject to modification without notice.