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∙ fault

life time not configured, rest was fine

∙ Nothing to match on the responder, but pls read the questions very well, they specify an used
interface as the source, so not just swapping interface, the appropriate is defined in the question.

∙ tcp
connect 192.168.XXX.YYY 1026 source
ip XXX source
port XXX

<<< pointing to wrong address.

frequency 10

timeout 1000

R9 only change to the correct address for responder

∙ I only needed to change source and destination IP and port and configured the

scheduler correctly.

On R9

ip sla responder
> Already configured and I need to configure the remaining with R9's IP and

Mixed source and destination..Changed that.

configure ip sla responder on the R9


∙ faults
No next
hop self on R12

∙ ,

it was just a next
hop issue

∙ Only cluster
id issue on R4.

∙ The only foult was on R4 cluster ID. I changed and ticket worked!

Cluster id on R4 same the R5 one.Changed it to the right one i,e its loopback.


∙ faults
Tunnel source, destination, i
pv6 ospf 1 area 0 missing on R11 and R13,no acl blocking gre or
ipv6ip traffic.

∙ Just check up the diagram and fixed the tunnel interface as required.

∙ faults were located on R11/R13 under interface only.

+ ip add unnumber loopback0

<<<<< add this.

ipv6 ospf XXX area 0

<<<<<<, was missing.

+ tunnel mode gre ip

<<<<< added

+ dynamic routing

<<<<< added

∙ Problem was on the tunnel that was totally wrong. There isn't filter on this ticket!!!

Missing autoconfig default on the phone.

Wrong tunne
l mode..I changed to ipv6ip mode.


∙ faults
ACL on Sw blocking ICMP traffic, rest is fine.

∙ Ensure ip domain look
up and name server is configured on R20 and ensure the dns server is
pointing to the right dmz address + there is access
list drop
ping the traffic on switch 4, DMZ server is
also a loopback interface on SW4

∙ R20:

ip domain lookup

<<<<<< missing.

ip name

<<<<< missing.

∙ On R20: ip domain lookup

ip name
server <IP>

Missing "ip domain
lookup " in R20

ing "ip name
server" in R20

There was no ZBF issue in this or ACL issues

5 Multilink PPP

∙ Password and authentication mode wrong on R25

∙ authentication issue

∙ Authentication issue on PPP routers. I change to the correct hostname.

∙ On R25: username c
cieR26 password cisco

> change ccieR26 to ccle26

username and password was wrong.

Interfaces were not confired with right multilink group.


∙ faults
It's leagacy FRTS, policy map not applied in the map class, bump the cir.

∙ This is pinging
from R27 to some other router down the way, not R23 as usual

You are matching 3 classes, ensure frame
relay CIR is correctly configured, this has 2 variations, in
some u raise it to 96000 and some to 100000, just watch check out the matches and set as requ
also apply the Policy
map to the map class.

∙ + priority misconfigured on the policy map. (1st fault)

+ traffic
shapping is missing under interface configuration. (2nd fault)

+ frame
relay cir 1000

>change to 96000



∙ Ticket use MQC
for CBWFQ with Legacy FRTS

So I needed to change the cir in the MAP
CLASS, put ip precendence 5 in the class
map and apply the
command "frame
relay traffic
shaping" that was missed.

No service policy configured under dlci.I did that.

Changed cir into
96000 for it to work.


∙ Wrong MSDP peering

∙ "ip pim nbma
mode" and "ip pim autorp listener" are missing on some few routers, also msdp
peering was wrong.

∙ + missing interfaces configutation for ip pim. I review the type of ip pim setup on
the neighbors to
setup the

+ access
list on R23 denying some traffic.

∙ MSDP used diferent IP address to Auto
rp and I found some filters and the path and some
interfaces without "ip pim sparse
mode". R28 was not configured at all.

rp listener miss
ing in some of the routers.

ip pim sparse

missing on R24 and R28(streamer) interfaces.


∙ aggregate addresses on R2, PBR on R5 and the network between switch and the pc not advertised
in ospf.

∙ I removed summary
only keyword on both R2 and R
3, vlan 11 wasn't advertised into ospf at all and
there is pbr on either R4 or R5 that wont make the trace match.

PS: "no ip route
cache" has been given on Sw1's vlan 11 interface.

∙ + remove 3 BGP aggregate routes on R2/R3. PUT the aggregate routes(withou
t summary
keyword) back.

+ Ip addres of R32 was on R13 and was propagated using OSPF. I shut it down on R13. (loopback10).

∙ On R2 and R3 I removed from BGP aggregation configuration the "summary

R13 was configured with the IP address of the PC

and I shutdown the loopback.


∙ Just had to change the port priority, rest everything was fine.

∙ Vlan 56 was denied on the root port, I fixed the port
priority and it worked, check the mst config, I
think it was instance 3 or so...

∙ not allowed to

touch SW6.

+ vlan 56 was not on SW6.

+ vtp password mistmatch.

<<<< changed it on SW5 to match the SW6 s.

+ spanning
tree mst 1 port
priority 0

> add this on interface ethernet 0/1 of SW5.

∙ NOT allowed to modify configuration on SW6

I only changed
the password of SW5 and ticket done!

SW6 is untouchable.

Vlan 56 missing in SW6 but in


VTP pasword mismatch..Fixed that and it worked.


∙ Ip cef on R8,R7,R6, mpls mtu 100 on R4

∙ No cef issue, no tdp issue, the vpnv4 relationship was cor
rect. But, mpls mtu 200 is defined on R4's
interfaces facing R9 and R10 and

R8's loopback 0 wasnt advertised into OSPF, fixed that, then
everythin looked fine, was getting the Server's route on R8 as well, but couldnt ping from R8 while I
could ping from
R9 and R10, was spending close to 10mins on it already, cos I was so confident
about MPLS but it was letting me down...lol.

I came back to it and decided to check the control plane on the transit devices when I noticed 1 of
the transit routers advertising
R8's loopback as summary route in OSPF; "summary
address" (something like this, not sure of the mask but it wasnt /32). I remove it and it worked!

∙ + R4 mpls mtu configured. erase it.

+ R6/R7 ip cef missing.

+ R8 mpls tdp configured.

I change it to ldp.

+ missing mpls ip on R4 to R9/R10 interfaces

∙ I didn't find the problem. I changed R8 label protocol to LDP, found problem with MTU and
interface missing "mpls ip" among R4,R9 and R10.

I received on PE both routes but my traceroute fr
om host on RIP domain stopped on R8. I checked
everything about VRF (import, export, rd, so on) and checked all kind of filter but skip the question
and my time finished before go back to this question!!



Missing IP cef in some of the r
outers i believe R9 and R6...There was
configured mpls mtu on R10 and R7 i think ..I defaulted that i,e removed it for them to be default
1500.Then R8 had TDP which i changed to LDP.