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Designing of OSPFv3 by using IPV6


Open Shortest Path First

) is an

routing protocol

Internet Protocol

(IP) networks.
It uses a
link state routing

algorithm and falls into the group of interior routing protocols, operating
within a single
autonomous system


of OSPFv3

OSPF is perhaps the most widely used
interior gateway protocol

(IGP) in large enterprise networks.
, another link
state dynamic routing protocol, is more common in large service provider
networks. The most widely used
exterior gate
way protocol

is the
Border Gateway Protocol

the principal routing protocol between autonomous systems on the Internet.

Difference between OSPFv2 and OS
Pf v3

Protocol processing per
link, not per

Removal of addressing semantics

Addition of Flooding scope

Explicit support for multiple instances per link

Use of IPv6 link
local addresses

Authentication method changes

Packet format, LSA’s heade
r format changes

Handling of unknown LSA types

Typical OSPFv3 network


2 OSPFv3 Areas

Student going to learn the following skill set


What is OSPFv3?


Difference between OSPFv2

and OSPF
v3 network?


Application of OSPF



How to build
OSPF v3 network


Ho to use network simulator to build the network.

Hardware: Cisco routers, switches and computers.

Software: Cisco ios software and cisco programming language.

Demo: Going to build the IPV6 network by using OSPFv3 protocol and programming
routers by using cisco commands and going to demo the reachability of computers.

Future scope: In future all the network will be based on IPv6 because of addressing capacity.