Course Code: CEN 445Course Title: Advanced Computer Networks and linux OSPrerequisitesCredit Hours

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Course Code:

CEN 445

Course Title:

Advanced Computer Networks and linux OS


CEN 345

Credit Hours
: 4

Lecture Hrs: 3

Lab Hrs: 2

Tut. Hrs: 0


Course description:

Network Layer Protocols
: Optimality principle, Routing Algorithms: Flow based, Distance
Vector, Shortest Path.
Congestion control Algorithms
: Leaky Bucket, Traffic

Congestion control in ATM

: The Inte
Network layer, IP Tunneling and Concatenated Virtual Circuits, IP datagram forwarding,
encapsulation, fragmentation, and reassembly;
Transport Layer Protocol

: TCP and UDP

AAL layer in ATM.
Internet protocols
: IP, ARP, RARP, BOOTAP, Error reporting
(ICMP), OSPF routing, BGP, CDIR, IPv6; TCP and UDP; Addressing schemes; Unix Operating
System. Troubleshooting, System Problems and Network Problems.
Introduction to
Network Management
: Applications and Functions. Network Monitoring, Network Cont
Network Performance Evaluation. Introduction,
Introduction to Linux operating system
Linux Shell Commands, Network services and protocols in Linux (DNS, DHCP, Web, Email,
Samba, etc.). Routing in Linux. Basics of Linux kernel,

IPv6, Traffic Enginee
ring, ATM
networks, MPLS, Quality of Service (QoS), Optical Networking. New topics in network

:A. S. Tanenbaum, Computer Networks, 4rd Ed., Prentice
Hall, '2003.