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New rules for GM products

NEW DELHI, May 25: Import of processed food, including oil, may no longer require
prior approval of the Genetic Engineering Approval Committee (GEAC), following a
proposed amendment to

the rules on genetically engineered products under the
Environment (Protection) Act (EPA), 1989.

The government has decided to amend its rules on import of genetically modified (GM)
products through an inter
ministerial consultation.

The EPA covered the

manufacture, use, import, export and storage of hazardous micro
organisms or genetically engineered organisms or cells. As per the provisions of Section
11 of the rules, “Food stuff, ingredients in food stuffs and additives including processing
aids conta
ining or consisting of genetically engineered organisms or cells, shall not be
produced, sold, imported or used except with the approval of the Genetic Engineering
Approval Committee” (GEAC).

Moreover, the new import policy on GMOs/LMOs (genetically modif
ied organisms and
living modified organisms), issued by the directorate general of foreign trade (DGFT)
under the commerce ministry on 7 April, seeks prior approval of GEAC for all GM
products including food item. n SNS