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Job description

fellow [1: Cell
Wall engineering]


GI Health

Project title

Molecular Interactions

Project leader:

Koen Venema




PhD fellow/ AIO

Based on tariff scale TIFN


Michiel Kleerebezem


ZO Food Research
(aanstelling bij WUR)


Michiel Kleerebezem

Peter Bron

Start date




Contract for the PhD student
is initially for one year.

After this first year, a positive
evaluation of the PhD
student can lead to an
extension to a maximum of
four years in total.

Project specific requirements

Experience in:

Molecular Microbiology

Genetic engineering

microbe interactions

Role Description

This project aims to decipher molecular host
microbe communication.

e model microbe that will be predominantly be used in this work is
Lactobacillus plantarum

for which
the complete genome is known and various post
genomic technologies have been established.
However, also
Lactococcus lactis

will be employed as a amenable h
ost for genetic engineering and
heterologous gene expression.
Genetic engineering will be employed to modulate the cell
properties of this microbe, which will be characterized in terms of their consequences for microbial
physiology, cell
wall biochemi
stry as well as signaling capacities with host cells. The latter aspects of
the task (biochemistry and signaling) will actively involve the PhD but will be performed in close
collaboration with two postdocs within the same project team.

The PhD will be in
volved in construction and characterization of mutant libraries in
L. plantarum
targeting cell
wall biosynthesis genes. Mutagenesis will also include development of genetic
complementation and overexpression strategies and cloning of homologous and hetero
logous genes
in the wild
type and mutant background. The PhD project will include molecular approaches to launch
natural competence in
L. plantarum
to enhance transformation efficiencies and facilitate effective
mutagenesis, as well as implementation of ra
ndom mutagenesis approaches.
The PhD will
characterize the effects of these mutations on general m
icrobial physiology
and will collaborate with
two postdocs and a technician to unravel cell
wall biochemistry and host
signaling of the mutant


Main Tasks and responsibilities

The PhD student is responsible for:

staying abreast of developments in his scientific discipline by keeping up with the scientific
literature in his field and visiting scientific meetings

generating ideas within the scope o
f the defined subject

supervising of research assistants and students, where appropriate

delivering results in line with the project plan milestones and deliverables

keeping up with the latest scientific developments and integrating these in the project

nverting data and results of the sub
project into overview reports

keeping traceable records of all results and analyses according to the lab journal

writing high
quality clearly written papers about the results obtained and getting these
hed in high

impact scientific journals.

completing a thesis after 4 years.