Genetic engineering can save our life(Vlad Faleev - 10-11form


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Genetic engineering, also called genetic modification, is the direct human manipulation of an organism's
genome using modern DNA technology. It involves the introduction of foreign DNA or synthetic genes
into the organism of interest. The introduction of n
ew DNA does not require the use of classical genetic


traditional breeding methods are typically used for the propagation of recombinant


Genetic engineering can save our world.

safe hands

it can be a cure,

in bad
hands it can be the most powerful weapon in the world.
I will

begin with good features of genetic

Genetically modified products can save many lives.

They will be necessary in countries
where people die from starvation, in places where
it is not enough for food. For example, in
some countries of Africa and Asia
people die from starvation every day. With the help of genetic

farmers can harvest more fruits or vegetables. With the help of genetic

we can create
bles, which

can be harmless to people who are sick with diabetes.

genetic engineering can create
animals that

can be used for transplant organs

like heart.
It will do a very good thing because many people are waiting for a death of the other p
eople to
buy their hearts. I think it is very terrible to use heart of a dead person. Genetic engineering can
create flowers that can produce insulin (a hormone

destroy sugar in our blood) which can
help to people
who are sick with diabetes.

as I told, genetic engineering has two parties of a medal. We were talking about
good features but nothing in our world is perfect. I’ll speak about bad features of genetic

Genetic engineering can be used to produce organisms that will be used

like a biological
weapon. History knows many facts about using biological weapons. All over the world, people
will say that biological weapon is death to everybody. Deadly gases or organisms will kill

even their creators.

That’s why the whole wor
ld is against biological weapon.

If we use genetic engineering, we interfere with nature. There was an experiment in USA.
People used pigs and translated them a human gene to control their weight (or something like
this, I don’t remember). After that pigs
were losing weight so intensively that they died of
starvation even when they at

3 times a day.

Too intensive experiments can result to creation
some species which don’t exist in nature.

I’m absolutely sure that genetic engineering is good science branch.

But time for genetic
engineering for using it in that way hasn’t come yet. In future, maybe, it will help to live but now
we don’t need it. Now it will be better to use natural fruits and vegetables even when they are
more expensive than genetically modif

The End.