Case Study: Genetic Engineering


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Case Study: Genetic Engineering

Organisms have physical traits that are passed on
to offspring through heredity.

is a process in which scientists

the DNA


in genes in order to
improve certain traits in
people or other

There are several p
ossible benefits to people from genetic engineering.
Genetic engineering can
help people to overcome diseases.
Cystic F
ibrosis is a

type of

disease in people that
causes frequent lung infections and eventually leads to the death of the patient
. Scientists are
researching possible gene therapy treatments that might help people diagnosed with Cystic
Scientists are working on a process

called gene therapy that will

replace faulty genes
with genes that function properly.

Another pote
ntial benefit of genetic engineering is that it could expand a person’s life span.

fixing problem genes in people, some scientists believe that people may be able to live up to 150
years. Genetic engineering could slow down part of the aging process b
y reducing how quickly
the ends of chromosomes wear away.

Genetic engineering could reduce the amount of medicine people would need to take. Also, some
of the side effects of current medicines could be reduced as newer medicines target specific gene

While there are several potential benefits from genetic engineering, there are several concerns.
major concern that people have about genetic engineering is s
. Scientists have a lot to learn
about how genetic engineering will affect peo
ple. In some early gene therapy treatments, some
patients have died. Also, it is possible that by changing the DNA in some of the genes, other
genetic problems might develop over time.

Another concern that people have about genetic engineering is the
possibility that by changing
DNA sequences, we may create a virus or genetic disease for which there is no known cure.
Some scientists are concerned that genetic engineering may also reduce our immunity to other
types of diseases.

Some scientists have rai
sed ethical concerns about genetic engineering. If genetic engineering
were to take place in labs and hospitals, it mi
ght cost a lot of money
. Only people who are rich or
had good medical insurance would be able to afford treatments

from genetic engineer
ing at first.
Also, some parents might want their child to undergo genetic engineering treatments to become
more intelligent, more athletic, or
have a preferred eye color, skin color, or hair color. Some
people are concerned that our government may have
difficulty passing laws about genetic

in order to determine what should be legal or illegal.

Your task:
You will make a PowerPoint presentation
that responds to the following:

Slide 1:

This slide should include a title, your name, and your p
artner’s name.
(2 pts.)

Slide 2:

This slide should explain your position on the possibility of
whether or not we should
allow scientists to continue to


possible treatments

in genetic engineering?

Use facts
from this case study to support your p

You may us
e additional slides if needed

(10 pts.)

Slide 3:

Write a possible law that our federal government should use to protect people from
possible problems that may come from genetic engineering.

Your law should address possible
cost conc

and abuses with changing physical traits in people.

You may use additional slides
if ne

(8 pts.)