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STANDARD 2, The Molecular Basis of Heredity.



Essential Questions:

Ch. 10, Mendel and Meiosis

How did Mendel su
cceed with his study of alleles?

How did Mendel observe and measure a monohybrid cross?

What genetic variations are observed in plants?

How does the Law of Dominance explain the results of Mendel’s crosses?

How do Punnett Squares show the probability of tr

What occurs in meiosis that determines the health of genes and reduces the number of

Ch. 11, DNA and Genes

What is DNA?

How does the structure of DNA make it capable of holding large amounts of information?

How does DNA replicated?

How do
es DNA make RNA?

How does the sequence of DNA nucleotides determine the sequence of amino acids in proteins?

What happens when the correct sequence of DNA nucleotides in a gene change?

How do the effects of point mutations and frame shift mutations disrupt

genetic recombination?

Ch. 12, Patterns of Heredity and Human Genetics

How would you describe genetic relationships in a family?

How do geneticists use pedigrees to determine the inheritance of genetic traits from generation to

How do recessi
ve alleles affect inheritance patterns?

How do environmental factors affect or influence genes?

What can happen in abnormal chromosome numbers?

Ch. 13, Genetic Technology

How does selective breeding increase desired alleles?

How can inbreeding develop pur
e traits and yet also express harmful traits?

How do geneticists use test crosses to determine patterns of inheritance?

How is forei
n DNA related to recombinant functional DNA of transgenic organisms?

How are viruses and bacteria used as restrictive enzym
es and vectors to clone animals?

How would a student describe applications of DNA Technology?

How did scientists map the human genome?

What are some uses for mapping the human genome?


Elmo Note taking, Biology textbooks, Genetics Worksheet, Lib
rary for Genetic Engineering

Technology Incorporated:

Elmo for note taking, Library for research, Lab for making a Face.


Students will take Genetics notes from the Elmo. They will work in groups of three doing DNA
crosses an
d Punnett Squares on the whiteboard. Lab: Students will work in pairs to do gene
recombination of a Face Worksheet. Students will work individually on a Genetics Worksheet.
Library: Students will use library resources to do a genetic engineering report. St
udents will do
the Ch. 12 Word Wall and Vocabulary. Students will do the Ch.23 Vocabulary.


Student Products:

Genetics Notes, Word Wall, Genetics Worksheet, Genetics Study Guide,
Genetic Engineering
Report and Presentation, Pros and Cons
of Genetic Engineering discussion and student

Time Frames/Due Dates:

Genetics Note taking (first semester); Word Wall, 1/24; Ch. 12 Vocabulary, 1/21; Ch. 13
Vocabulary, 1/26; Genetics Worksheet, 2/15, 2/16; Genetics Reports, 2/17, 2/18; Gen
etics Study
Guide, 2/21; Pros/Cons Discussion 2/21.


DNA Crosses and Punnett Squares on the whiteboard, Face Project, Genetics Worksheet,
Genetics Study Guide, Genetics Test. Extra time will be given for IEP students.