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Java syllabus

Class 1.

Introduction to Java, Features, Architecture oops concept & inheritance.

Class 2.

Java tokens(keywords, identifiers, variable etc) , operators(assignment,logical,arithmetic


Class 3.

Control flow: if
else, nested if, switch case ,loops(for, while, do

Class 4.

Arrays, Array initialization, array length.

Class 5.

Doubt clearing and make pending projects.

Class 6.

Strings, string
concatenation, string

methods, s
tring array.

Class 7.

Object oriented programming language: access modifiers, constructors, types.

Class 8.

Method overloading, constructors overloading, super keyword, final keyword.

Class 9.

Abstract class and methods, Inheritance, types , Inherita
nce & constructor.

Class 10.

Doubt clearing and make pending project.

Class 11.
Interfaces, Implementation, Limitation

Class 12.
Packages, types, Java API’s, import user defined package

Class 13.
Input Output stream,Java stream ,types .

Class 14.

Utility classes

Class 15. Exception Handling, types, throws, throw finally, use defined exception.

Class 16. . Doubt clearing and make pending project.





Class 17. Multithreading , need, thread, thread cycle, thread priority, runnable interface.

Class 1
8. Progrmmes on threads.

Class 19. Java applet, Introduction, difference life cycle

Class 20. Working with graphics [Drawline(), DrawRect(), DrawArc(),DrawOvel() ].

Class 21. Programs on graphics using graphics method.

Class 22. . Doubt clearing and m
ake pending project.

Class 23. Swing components, GUI, Jbutton, Jlabel, JTextBox, JRadioButton.

Class 24. L
ayouts, Event Handling: Elementory concepts, Event classes, Adopter classes.

Class 25. Collections.

Class 26.
. Doubt clearing and make pending pr

Class 27. Networking socket ( datagram TCP/IP based client & queues socket )

Class 28. JDBC: JDBC Architecture, JDBC drivers.

Class 29. JDBC: Connecting to the database.

Class 30. . Doubt clearing and make pending project.