What is Websphere and its career opportunities

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What is Websphere and its career opportunities
WebSphere is IBM's integration software platform . for more information on websphere
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Hyderabad, May 06, 2012 -- WebSphere is IBM's integration software platform. It
includes the entire middleware infrastructure such as servers, services, and tools
needed to write, run, and monitor 24*7 industrial strength, on demand Web
applications and cross platform, cross product solutions. WebSphere provides
reliable, flexible, and robust integration software.
WebSphere Application Server is the base for the infrastructure everything else runs
on top of it. It supports SOA and non-SOA environments. WebSphere Process
Server, which is based on WebSphere Application Server, and WebSphere Enterprise
Service Bus, provide the foundation for service oriented architected (SOA), modular
applications. Collectively, they support the use of business rules to drive applications
that support business processes. High performance environments also use WebSphere
Extended Deployment as part of their base infrastructure.
WebSphere is a modular platform based on industry supported open standards. You
can plug your existing assets into WebSphere using trusted and enduring interfaces,
and you can continue to extend your environment as your needs grow. WebSphere
runs on many platforms including AIX, HP Unix, i5/OS, Linux, Sun Solaris,
Windows, and z/OS.
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