The History of Java

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The History of Java

By: Drew Fleming

Before I Start Teaching You Guys

Important things to keep in mind

Java is not the next step in C++ progression

Java was developed by Sun for Sun

Sun is not Bell Labs

Java’s syntax only looks like C++ because that
was the designers preference

Java was designed from the ground up

Any questions?

In the beginning

We begin in 1990

Hardly an internet as we know it

PC’s were getting more popular

Sun felt like it missed the personal pc bus

Patrick Naughton was about to quit but before
he did he wrote down everything he hated
about Sun and emailed it to the CEO

CEO loved it and forwarded it to the whole

Everyone loved Naugton’s idea

In the Beginning

Everyone loved to bitch so much a bunch of
high level engineers stayed up until 4:30AM
talking about how to turn it around.

This resulted in John Gage and others formed
a project called Green

Offsite from Sun

Top secret


The Green Project

WTF do we do now?

They had no real plan in mind to begin with

They knew Microsoft owned the PC market

Thus their new goal was to design software and
an environment that could run anywhere, even in
things people didn’t think of as computers

Noticed that computers were everywhere




Wanted to make them work together

The Juices are Now Flowing

Official Goal

“To develop and license an operating
environment for consumer devices that
enables services and information to be
persuasively presented via the emerging
digital infrastructure.”

What Language Shall We Use


Most popular

Designed for Speed

However it was easy to break

Consumers would flip if their TV remote


Gosling needed something new


Gosling had been working on a C++
replacement already named after a tree
outside his office window.

“From the initial ‘Oh, f***’ to getting to a
reasonable state only too a few months.”

Naughton was working on graphics

Aug. 1991

The graphics were running
correctly on Oak


Used “hammer technology” to make a
‘remote control’ out of a sharp minitelevision,
touch screen, gameboy speakers, and a Sun
Sparc workstation.

Hacked like mad to get Oak to work on it, and
finally did.

Presented *7 to the CEO.

He loved that so much.


Subsidiary of Sun to sell *7 to companies

No one wanted to buy it

Why make a device that makes my device
easier to use? IT MAKES NO SENSE they

However, interactive TV’s were getting

FirstPerson lost the bid at Time Warner, 3D0

FirstPerson was screwed.

Enter the Internet

Sun supplied 50% of the host computers that
ran the internet. How did they miss that

A new plan for Oak was created by Bill Joy.

Internet play

Giving away software to build a
market share

Oak renamed to Java after coffee

Naughton wrote an interpreter for a web
browser called HotJava

Why Java is Good


No memory access, no explicit garbage
collection helped to make software more
reliable that C++. Added multithreading and
automatic garbage collection.


Designed to be secure because it was
designed to allow secure execution across a
network. Lots of unsafe thing that C++ used
had to be tossed.

Byte Code and Other Goodies

Java was good for the web

The precompiled byte code can fly around the
web, be device independent and run on any
machine that has the interpreter complied for
their computer.

Most C++ errors were to do memory

To eliminate this, Java does not have much of


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