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Introduction to Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs)

Applications of WSNs

Node architecture

Simulation Work

The simulation sessions will support the lecture material and allow

experimentation of particular solutions.

Detailed look at WSNs and localization

Network Architecture

Introduction to positioning

Localization 1

Hardware Practical Lab session

This practical session will include setting up a network
and examining the different possible architectures.

tion systems and practical WSN implementation

Localization 2


Physical Layer

Hardware Practical Lab session

This session

will cover setting up a sensor network and

controlling simple sensor/activator combination (e.g. temperature/heater control)

Implementation of practical WSN networks

Link Layer and MAC

Network Layer and Routing


Hardware Practical Lab session

The final practical session will involve gathering

information and implementing a localization scheme.

Bringing WSNs together and standardization

Security Issues

Standardisation in WSNs

Summary of Wireless Sensor Networks

Simulation Work