BPM Seminar Series A CASE tool-driven methodology for the simulation-based prototyping of distributed agent systems

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BPM Seminar Series

A CASE tool
driven methodology for the simulation

prototyping of distributed agent systems

Giancarlo Fortino

A/Prof. at University of Calabria, Rende, Italy


MON, 28 Sep. 2009, 10.00
11.00am, QUT, 126 Margaret Street, Level 4, Room 408


The ubiquitous diffusion and usage of the Internet
have promoted the development of new
kinds of distributed applications, characterized by a huge number of participants, high
decentralization of software components and code mobility, which are typical of application
domains such as distributed information

retrieval, content management and distribution, e
Commerce, etc. In such application domains, the agent
based computing paradigm has been
demonstrated to be effective for the analysis, design and implementation of distributed software
systems. In particul
ar, several agent
oriented methodologies, incorporating suitable agent models,
frameworks and tools, have been to date defined to support the development lifecycle of distributed
agent systems (DAS). However, few of them provide effective dynamic validatio
n methods to
analyze design objects at different degrees of refinement before their actual implementation and
deployment. In this talk, after an overview of the agent oriented software engineering (AOSE)
research area, ELDAMeth, a simulation
based methodol
ogy for DAS which enables rapid prototyping
based on visual programming, automatic code generation and dynamic validation, is presented.
ELDAMeth can be used both stand
alone for the modeling and evaluation of DAS and coupled with
other agent
oriented meth
odologies for enhancing them with simulation
based validation. In the
proposed methodology is based on an agent model, the ELDA (Event
driven Lightweight Distilled
based Agents) model, providing key programming abstractions (event
ation, multi
coordination, and coarse
grained strong mobility) very suitable for highly
dynamic distributed computing and on a CASE tool
driven iterative process fully supporting the
modeling, coding and simulation phases of DAS. Finally the talk will conc

considerations and examples on the use of ELDAMeth for prototyping distributed workflow systems.

Giancarlo Fortino is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at the Department of
Electronics, Informatics and Systems (DEIS) of the
University of Calabria, Cosenza, Italy. He received
a PhD in Computer Engineering from the University of Calabria, Italy, in 2000. He has been a visiting
researcher at the International Computer Science Institute (ICSI), Berkeley (CA), USA, in 1997 and
9. His research interests include distributed computing and networks, agent systems, agent
Business Process Management Research Group

Faculty of Science and Technology

Queensland University of Technology

oriented software engineering, streaming content distribution networks, distributed multimedia
systems, GRID computing, wireless sensor networks. He is currently inv
olved in research and
development projects for the application of intelligent and mobile agents, content delivery
networks, and Wireless Sensor Networks (the SPINE project). He is author of more than 100 papers
in international journals, conferences and bo
oks. He currently serves in the editorial board of JNCA
(Journal of Networks and Computer Applications, Elsevier) and ITSE (Journal of Interactive
Technology and Smart Education, Emerald). He is a member of IEEE, IEEE Computer and
Communications Society, a
nd ACM, and is involved in the organization of several international
workshop (e.g. UPGRADE
CN workshops ’06
’09) and conferences as chair and IPC member, and is
editor of several special issues on Content Networks. Multimedia and Agents in the follo
int’l journals: JNCA, FGCS, MAGS, ITSE, IJAOSE, and SIMPAT. For more information, please visit:


Queensland University of Technology
Faculty of Science and Technology
BPM Group