IBM Business Partner Sales Reporting via Internet

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IBM Business Partner Sales Reporting via Internet

To get set up for the IBM Business Partner reporting site on the Internet, go to the link below.
Select "Request an account" under New users" on the right side of the page. Complete and
submit the on
ine registration form. You'll need your 5
digit location id. If there is a critical need,
you may then contact Howard Upperman by e
mail to

(or by phone at
1241 in emergencies), and ask him to expedite your request. Later, if

you need your
password reset, click on "Forgot your password?" at the sign in screen.



Once you log in, select "Sales reporting." Choose the type
of Purchaser that you are selling to,
and click on Continue. Fill in the fields and submit your report. It's pretty straightforward. Click
on "Do you need help with this form?" if you have questions about any of the fields.

or the alternative.........


Here's a CSV template in Excel format. It's handy to use when formatting your data. When
submitting data through the "File Upload" program, the file name must include a .csv extension.
Any other extension will
be handled as an XML upload.



Here's a small sample .xls file and the corresponding .csv file we created for a customer in the
past. Once created/saved in Excel, do a "Save As..." and drop down the "Save as type" choices,
where y
ou'll select "CSV (Comma delimited) (.csv)." You may not need to keep both copies

reporting tool will only want the .csv file. Be careful if you have zip codes that begin with zero

be sure that the leading zero is not dropped by your program or


A few other notes and things to remember when creating a CSV file:


Strongly recommended: Click "Do you need help with this form?" for an explanation about data
format and column requirements, step
step instructions, how the appli
cation works, etc. This
is information for both CSV and XML formatting.


Word Pad (usually under Programs
>Accessories on your work station) is a good, simple editor
to use when reviewing your CSV files. (Do a 'Open With')


The current size limit for
a CSV file is 100,000 bytes, and the XML limit is 100,000 bytes as


The first line of the CSV or XML file is ignored by the reporting tool; use it for column headings,
to name/date your file for your own purposes, or leave it blank.


If reporting
one part number in large quantities, limit it to 50 or less per line if it requires serial
numbers to be reported.


The invoice number is typically the end user invoice number.


If you use special bid values, they must be 15 characters long; front

or ba
end padding with
zeros is acceptable.


The invoice date format is, for example, 04/23/2005.


If you sell to end user government or school organizations, the Standard Industry Class (SIC)
codes are no longer required.


Serial Numbers must be reporte
d for
system units

(xSeries and Power Stations) and
. Serial numbers are not required for printers, memory, DVD drives, and other
non key items. Enter the serial numbers associated with the part number. A serial number
cannot be reused
within the same invoice. You may enter multiple serial numbers for a part
number on the same input line by separating the serial numbers with a comma; e.g.,
1234567,1234568. Note there is no space after the separating comma. Allowable serial number
acters are 'A'

'Z' ( except 'E', 'I', 'J', 'O', 'Q', 'S', 'U') and the numbers '0'

'9'.The number of
serial numbers must match the Quantity specified. Each serial number must adhere to one of the
following formats:

1) 7 allowable characters; o

2) 8 allowable characters with an uppercase 'S' as the first character; or

3) 8 allowable characters with a hyphen ('
') as the third character; or

4) 16 characters with an uppercase '1S' as the first two characters

that is, th
e number one
and S. Characters 3

9 must be the same 7 character part number as entered in the IBM Part
Number field associated with this serial number. The remaining 10

16 characters must be
characters in the allowable characters group.


Another web site you might find useful is IBM PartnerWorld (http://www
- ook/index.html). PartnerWorld is a worldwide program
for IBM Business Partners that offers sales and marketing tools, s
building courses and
technical support to help create opportunities to grow your business and drive increased profit.
Click on "Join now" or "Sign in" as appropriate. At this related URL, you'll find all of your key
content (including a link to the
IBM Business Partner reporitng site), which will soon be available
through the main PartnerWorld product pages using links in the left
hand navigator: http://www
- ook/pat_transition_us.html).


Give us a call if you have questions about the sales and inventory reporting application

9990, option 0; reference "EDI" or "Sales Reporting." You can reach us more directly via
long distance at 919
3588. If you leave a voi
ce mail, we will respond to you as soon as we
can. Often we are able to respond more quickly via email

contact us at