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Technical FAQ's
CoursEval Technical FAQs2
© 2010 Academic Management Systems
Frequently Asked Technical Questions
Server and Installation
Please see the on-line help for further information on Server Installation
or view the
PDF version
What are the requirements for having CoursEval installed on my server?
Machine specification for up to 25,000 unique users:
Single Processor Dual Core 2.8GHz or higher (Intel or AMD)
2GB of RAM
2 x 80GB 7.2K RPM Serial ATA Hard Drives with RAID 1
CD/DVD-ROM Optical Drive
Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard Edition with Service Pack 2 (IMPORTANT:
32bit only)
Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) (Example: Dell PowerEdge R200/
Machine specification for up to 50,000 unique users:
Dual Processor Dual Core 2.8GHz or higher (Intel or AMD)
4GB of RAM
2 x 160GB 7.2K RPM Serial ATA Hard Drives with RAID 1
CD/DVD-ROM Optical Drive
Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard Edition with Service Pack 2
(IMPORTANT: 32bit only)
Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) (Example: Dell PowerEdge SC
The server should be devoted to CoursEval.
A local network administrator who thoroughly understands Windows Servers and
Microsoft IIS. This individual should also be available to help monitor the server
and perform routine backups of the installed CoursEval™ application's databases.
It is strongly recommended that the c:\CoursEval\ folder and all subfolders be
backed up nightly.
CoursEval™ supports the latest versions of Netscape Navigator, Microsoft Internet
Explorer, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox.
Note:The requirements above apply only to single school installations of
CoursEval™. For multi campus installations on the same server, please
contact CoursEval Support
for our recommended server configuration.
Frequently Asked Technical Questions 3
© 2010 Academic Management Systems
I received the following error when I tried to access any of the CoursEval
portals. -2147417842 (0x8001010e)
This error is the result of a conflict between ASP and another ISAPI-based
technology on the server.
Follow the Steps Below to setup the redirect in IIS to resolve this issue:
Log onto the server and open the IIS Management Console.
In the left pane, expand the folders under the web site hosting CoursEval,
(probably "Default"). There should be a /scripts/ folder in the list. Right-click on
the /scripts/ folder and choose "Properties" from the menu.
On the "Virtual Directory" tab, choose "A redirection to a URL" from the radio
option set at the top of the page. (See screenshot.)
In the "Redirect to:" text box, enter: /etw/ets/et.asp$Q
At the bottom of this form, check the box labeled "The exact URL entered above"
and leave the other two unchecked.
CoursEval Technical FAQs4
© 2010 Academic Management Systems
Click the "Apply" button and then the "Ok" button to close the form.
Close the IIS Management Console.
Restart IIS by executing the following line in a command window or at the "Start >
Run" prompt: iisreset
Go to the old NexIIS index page and try any of the three links to the CoursEval
application portals. The URL should change to point to the new, ASP-based
For example, the link: will
automatically change to:
If there are still problems, even after the redirect has been set up, there is another
application on the server causing the ISAPI conflict. In order to make sure all ISAPI
applications can exist in harmony on the server, one of them has to be run with
"Application Protection" set to "High (Isolated)" in the IIS MMC.
My Results Access icon is missing on the Survey List page. What do I do?
If the icon is not being displayed, the school's server administrator will have to
perform the following task:
Navigate to the c:\etalus\web\eti\ folder.
Look for a file named 'feedbackbutton.gif'.
If this file is not found, contact CoursEval Support
to get the most up to date file.
Copy the file into the c:\etalus\web\eti\ folder.
After completing the eTalus installation, clicking on a link to access an
application creates a program error message.
It is possible that the appropriate permissions could not be set by the eTalus Control
Center. To make sure this is not the problem, verify that the web server's
IUSR_machinename and IWAM_machinename accounts both have 'modify' rights to
the eTalus folder and all files/sub-folders.
Also, please verify that ASP is enabled in IIS if the school is running Windows Server
Open the IIS Manager.
Go to the Web Service Extensions tab.
Highlight 'Active Server Pages'.
Frequently Asked Technical Questions 5
© 2010 Academic Management Systems
Click the 'Allow' button on the left.
Check the security settings on the c:\etalus\ folder and all sub-folders. The IUSR_
and IWAM_ accounts need 'modify' rights for that directory and all sub folders and
files. The eTalus control center should verify this, but that may not be the case.
I have to move CoursEval to a new production server. How do I do this?
Please see the on-line help for further information on Copying Data to a New Server
or view the PDF Version
I need to move CoursEval to a Production Server from the AMS hosted
environment. What do I need to do?
Please see the on-line help for further information on Moving Data from the AMS
Hosted Environment
or view the PDF Version
What are the recommended IIS settings?
Please see the on-line help for further information on eTalus IIS Settings
or view the
PDF version
How do I manually update CoursEval?
Please see the on-line help for further information on Manually Updating CoursEval
or view the PDF version
How do I restart the service status?
Check the service status under the Admin menu. If it is not running, have the school's
server administrator type the following from a command prompt on the server, hitting
{enter} after each line:
net stop etalusservice
net start etalusservice
Is there more information on User Authentication?
Of course there is. Click the link below to get the complete technical information
regarding User Authentication: User Authentication Information
For more information please contact CoursEval Support
CoursEval Technical FAQs6
© 2010 Academic Management Systems
I'm trying to set up External Authentication, but when I try the "Test" login at
the bottom of the page the new window that comes up contains a program
error. Why does this happen?
This is most likely a permissions issue. To resolve it, make sure that the server's
"Network Service" account has "modify" rights to the eTalus installation folder and all
I am using External Authentication. Are there any special values that I need to
set up in the import file to correctly import my faculty and students?
The most important import value concerning authentication is the user name. The
user name imported into CoursEval has to match the user name in the directory
service or SSO exactly, but it's not case sensitive. The password is only significant if
the school thinks there might be a lot of users who will have to use internal
authentication. Otherwise, any value can go into the password field.
Group E-mail
I receive "10053 software caused connection abort" when I attempt to send
e-mail messages.
"Error 10053" occurs when the e-mail server rejects (or aborts) sending the e-mail
for one reason or another. Sometimes this is caused by the server, sometimes the
client PC. The possible causes are:
Virus/spam protection on the e-mail (SMTP) server that rejects/ends the sending
of e-mail. This occurs when the virus protection software incorrectly identifies
CoursEval as a virus sending bulk e-mail.
Local PC's Anti Virus software: In some cases, PC Antivirus software is set to
"scan all outgoing e-mail." This can sometimes cause the e-mail message to
timeout, especially with MS Word-based HTML e-mail messages.
Please check with the school's system administrator to see if the e-mail server can
accept e-mail from CoursEval.
How can I avoid Group Emails going to "SPAM"?
CoursEval Support
recommends that customers ‘white list’ the CoursEval IP
address. For customers hosted on Academic Management Systems servers please
contact CoursEval Support
for the IP address of your hosted server.
Frequently Asked Technical Questions 7
© 2010 Academic Management Systems
Why am I getting a "Response Buffer Limit Exceeded" error when I run large
By default, the IIS web server will only return around 4 MB of information to the user.
The school's server administrator can alleviate this behavior by increasing the
response buffer size in the IIS configuration.
Below are the steps needed to make the needed change:
Stop the IIS web server.
Open c:\windows\system32\inetsrv\metabase.xml in a text editor.
Increase the AspBufferingLimit parameter value to a higher number. The default
value is 4 MB. We recommend doubling this.
Restart IIS after saving the changes to metabase.xml.
Note: This change can also be made without stopping IIS if the configuration
allows editing the metabase while IIS is running. To make metabase.xml
write-able, go to the IIS control panel, right click the server, select
properties, and check off the box that says "Allow changes to MetaBase
configuration while IIS is running."
Why can't I download .DBF exports from my Windows 2003 Server?
IIS 6.0 will not allow users to download files with unknown extensions or MIME types.
To enable DBF export downloads, follow the steps below:
Log onto the server and Open the Internet Information Services Manager.
Expand the Default Website to see all folders in the left pane and right click on the
folder where CoursEval creates export files. The folder will be /etw/dl/.
Right-click on the download folder and choose Properties from the menu.
Click the "Http Headers" Tab.
Click on the "File/Mime Types..." button at the bottom of the form. Add the
following two file types, (add them one at a time):
Extension: dbf
Mime type: application/octet-stream
Extension: dbt
Mime type: application/octet-stream
CoursEval Technical FAQs8
© 2010 Academic Management Systems
Extension: xls
Mime type: application/
Click "OK" to save the changes and close the Internet Information Services
Note: For more information go to: Microsoft Resources
Why are my graphs not appearing when I have graphs selected?
There are two reasons that this may occur:
If graphs are not displaying in the Evaluation or Detailed Reports, have the school's
server administrator log into the server and kill all the random GFX processes that
are running.
If graphs are not being displayed in an eTalus application, verify that DCOM settings
for the graphing engine are correct. To do this, follow the steps below:
In a command window or the Start > Run box, type: dcomcnfg.
When the Component Services screen loads, expand the 'Component Services'
menu in the left frame to 'DCOM Config' and locate 'gfx.gfx' in the list.
Right click 'gfx.gfx' and choose 'Properties' from the menu.
Click on the 'Identity' tab and verify that 'The launching user' is selected.
Click on the 'Security' tab. Under 'Launch and Activation Permissions,' click
'Customize' and verify that the Internet Guest and Launch IIS Process accounts for
the local machine are in the list of allowed users. Both of these accounts must
have the Allow boxes checked for 'Local Launch,' 'Remote Launch,' 'Local
Activation,' and 'Remote Activation.'
Save the changes and close the 'Component Services' form.
Remote Portal Interface
Blackboard Module is Empty
The module will appear empty if the CoursEval URL is entered incorrectly or the 'My
CoursEval' module was not configured after activating.
Note: Be sure to enter the correct URL to the CoursEval site to prevent this
Frequently Asked Technical Questions 9
© 2010 Academic Management Systems
Please see the on-line help for further information on Installing the Plug In
or view the
PDF version
Remote Portal Interface not returning as HTML or XML
If the evaluation data is not being returned as HTML or XML, be sure the Remote
Portal Interface functionality is enabled in the CoursEval Remote Portal setup
Please see the on-line help for further information on Remote Portal Set Up
or view
the PDF version
The CoursEval information that is appearing in my remote portal (BlackBoard,
WebCT, Moodle) is not correct.
If the information appearing in the remote portal is not accurate, the CoursEval
Administrator can check the status by going to the Admin Menu and click on the
Remote Portal option. The administrator can wait until the next scheduled time for
the update or he/she can click the check box at the bottom of the page to run the
update immediately.
Please see the on-line help for further information on Remote Portal Set Up
CoursEval Technical FAQs10
© 2010 Academic Management Systems
- A -
Authentication 5
Testing 6
- B -
Missing Data 8
No Data 9
Portal Empty 8
Buffer Limit Exceeded 7
- C -
Connection Abort Error 6
CoursEval Portals
-2147417842 (0x8001010e) 3
Error 3, 4
- E -
Empty Module 8
-2147417842 (0x8001010e) 3
Accessing CoursEval 3, 4
Connection Abort 6
CoursEval Portals 3, 4
Response Buffer Limit Exceeded 7
Sending Group E-mail 6
Testing External Authentication 6
Not Downloading 7
Not Exporting 7
External Authentication 5
Importing Requirements 6
Set Up 6
Testing 6
- F -
Mime Types 7
- G -
Not Appearing 8
Not Showing 8
Group E-mail 6
- H -
Hosted Data
Moving 5
Remote Portal Interface 9
- I -
IIS Settings
CoursEval Server 5
Faculty 6
Students 6
Error Message 4
Server 2
Internal Authentication 5
BlackBoard 8
Empty Module 8
RPI not returning HTML or XML 9
DBF Exports 7
Download 7
Graphing 8
Reports 8
Server 7
© 2010 Academic Management Systems
- J -
No Data 9
- M -
Manually Updating 5
Icon 4
Results Access Icon 4
No Data 9
CoursEval 5
Data 5
Hosted Data 5
Installation 5
- N -
New Server
Migration 5
- R -
Remote Portal Interface 8
Administration 8, 9
Troubleshooting 8, 9
Reports 6
Large Reports Cause Error 7
No Graphs 8
CoursEval 2
External Authentication 6
Server 2
Response Buffer Error 7
Results Access Icon
Missing 4
Troubleshooting 8, 9
RPI not returning HTML or XML 9
- S -
No Data 9
Server 2
CoursEval 2
Requirements 2
Server Settings 5
Service Status
Not Active 5
Restart 5
Setting Up
Authentication 5
External Authentication 5, 6
Internal Authentication 5
IIS Settings 5
Recommended IIS 5
Requirements IIS 5
Software Error
10053 6
-2147417842 (0x8001010e) 3
Buffer Limit Exceeded 7
Survey List
Results Access Icon Missing 4
- T -
External Authentication 6
BlackBoard 8, 9
Moodle 9
No Data in Remote Portal Interface 9
No RPI Data 9
Remote Portal Interface 9
RPI not returning HTML or XML 9
Sakai 9
WebCT 9
- U -
CoursEval Technical FAQs12
© 2010 Academic Management Systems
CoursEval Manually 5
Instructions 5
- W -
No Data 9
- X -
Remote Portal Interface 9