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Advanced InSite

Data Management Toolset

Presentation to [Company]




Introduction to Advanced InSite

Overview of Services / Scope of Work

Preview the Application

Roles & Responsibilities



Next Steps


A Tennessee Corporation located near Nashville, Tennessee

During the last 10 years Advanced In
Site has serviced companies
such as Bridgestone/Firestone, RR Donnelly, Ingersoll Rand,
SC Johnson, Dollar General, Columbia HCA, Deloitte & Touche
and other clients in various market segments.

Advanced In
Site service delivery model is a Distributed Work

We will come to you site for a one day introduction, discussion and small demo for you to see.

We arrive for a second time onsite visit in which we will install the product and provide a Train the
Trainer session.

All maintenance is provided via VPN access. If a further onsite visit is required to resolve a
technical issue, an Advanced In
Site employee will be available for an additional onsite visit.

We would ask for an email account on your own internal email system to expedite communications
if that were feasible within your security charter.

Who is Advanced InSite?


Data Quality Objective & Scope of Work


Provide a cost
efficient, web based method to evaluate and
improve data quality prior to loading SAP data

Scope of Work

Develop data analysis test plan to evaluate and measure data

Develop and execute data analysis process to evaluate the
quality of legacy data

Review data analysis results, categorize root cause analysis

Implement and monitor corrective actions

Prepare data for load and provide post
conversion support

Step 1


Step 2


Step 3


3 to 6
per file


Data Cleansing Objective


Data Cleansing

Optional: Convert

Legacy codes to

SAP Codes

Review Integrity Tests


Unit Test Data

Test Integrity of

Load Data

Cleansing Application Import Legacy data

Import map and format of data is dynamic and provides
data in Documentation section of application

Conversion of Legacy to SAP Codes (optional)

Conversion or Lookup tables provide immediate conversion

Data Cleansing and Manipulation

Conversion or Lookup tables provide immediate conversion

Data Integrity Tests (recorded for historical review)

Produces SAP Load files

Results of Integrity Tests and Unit Test data available through
Corporate Intranet (immediately)


Legacy Files

Produce SAP

Load Files


Preview the Application

Record of every
previous load

Load= Import
Legacy Files,
cleanse convert,
run through each
test, create output


And the result of
the Load. Click on
** to view details
of any load

View Routines
(otherwise known
as conversions or
manipulations of
data once
imported.) specific
to this Load

Chose a Load which
is specific to a Wave /
Country Combination

Navigate to:

Load Specific
Activities such as
Import specs,
Mappings, Tests,

Options not
specific to a

example System
Tables (tables
that are used
across Loads for
manipulation of


Tests specific to a Load

Link to the details of the
Test (Name of the Test,
Category, Destination
Screen, etc)

View the results of
the latest Test activity

(see next slide)

Allows you to see the
count of the latest
Failures for this Test


Click on the link to

the Results


Test Results

Which if any Output
Fields are tied to this Test

Shows the User which if
any Lookup tables are
used on this Test (works
the same on Routines)

Allows the user to view
the numbers of failures
and the number of
records that were tested
and if any corrective
action was taken

User may record what if
any corrective action was
taken in regards to the
failures of this test


Cleansing Tool includes the following Tests

Cleansing Tool includes over 300 inherent tests

Tests are categorized:

Missing Values

Incorrect Field Values

Codes not aligned with Parent

Incorrect Dependent Values

Value not found within Configuration tables

Unacceptable Field Format

Unacceptable Field Range

Value exceeds Field Length

Value not found within Lookup Table

Not all tests will be applicable to your Install

Each test is associated with a specific SAP Screen/Field

Removing Duplicates can be implemented



Lookup Tables

Lookup tables allow Users to develop and maintain data
used either for Tests or Routines. For example, a Test
may attempt to locate records with invalid Characters in
the Name field. Several Tests and routines can utilize
the same Lookup Table. This table allows the invalid
Characters to be documented and maintained by the
very users responsible for the output (not programmers)

Users may add additional records to the Lookup Table.
They may delete or Edit the records also.

Links are provided to navigate to the Lookup Table from
the Routine, Test or Output field.


Technical Requirements for Cleansing Tool

Internally Developed Components

Intranet Web Site

Intranet Web Service

SQL Server Database

External Software utilized

Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft IIS Web Server

System Access

Company X VPN access for development, etc.


Approach to Implementation

1) Input feed formats must be provided along with sample files

Feed formats = position/length/data type from flat files

Subsection of data

2) Company X technical group will provide access to your Network via
Internet VPN.

3) Company X technical group will provide access to new Database
and IIS Web Directory

4) Advanced InSite will provide a detailed list of existing Customer,

and Material Tests. Company X will provide a detailed list of
additional tests needed for go

5) Advanced InSite will produce database content and Web Site for
Company X


Skill Sets and Supporting Structure

Subject Matter Representative

Company X representative knowledgeable with Data being loaded

Backup individual is key in case primary individual is not available

1 business day response is required

“In House” Technical Representative

A Company X representative familiar with the Technical structure that
has needed authority (permissions) to facility any needed modification
to Database, Web or Com+ Server.

Individual response required within 4 hours during business hours.

Database Administrator

An Advanced InSite employee that has have working knowledge of
Cleansing Tool database (Microsoft SQL Server 2000).

Web (Microsoft Active Server Pages) Developer

An Advanced InSite employee that has working knowledge of Cleansing
Tool’s web structure. Must be familiar with Active Server technology.


Pricing Structure

Core Application

Fee can be based upon the number of Loads/Countries or Flat fee

Cost can only be provided after initial assessment

Incremental tests added

100 Tests configured per Load

Flat fee of $50 per test after initial 100

Monthly Maintenance

$600/month at 120 days after installation or First Go Live

Application Development or Enhancements


Development Assumptions in Pricing structure

Development DB

Quality Assurance DB

Production DB


How to Contact

Chad Guisewite

Advanced Insite

PO Box 153

White House, TN 37188