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PDF Notes:

The colours used should be like the ones here




Sage CRM ASP.NET Component Suite

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When customising Sage CRM do you feel constrained by the legacy aspects of using classic ASP or even
the .Net solutions inability to debug and lack of visual environment?


you don’t have to any longer…

Our Sage CRM ASP.NET Component Suite brings the full power of ASP.NET (using .ASPX pages) and
its rich WYSIWYG development environments to SAGE CRM.

(image on left of text above)

Using our component suite you can create
custom solutions by drag and dropping Sage CRM tabs, screens,
lists and more onto the .aspx page. You can mix our components with the native web controls fully utilising
the power of ASP.Net.

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Move CRM to the platform of choice (ASP.Net 2.0)

Cut development time by up to 80%

Maintains Sage CRM business logic

Integrate Sage CRM data with native and third party Asp.Net components

ate screens in minutes using Visual Studios WYSIWYG environment

Debug from within Visual Studio

Debug from within Sage CRM

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Sage CRM Partners can now complete with Mic
rosoft Dynamics CRM and win everytime!

Sage CRM now

Microsoft Dynamics

Sage CRM with the Asp.Net suite

No visual environment

Full visual form sdk

Full visual studio environment

No Debugging


Debugging from visual studio and from within applica

Lack of developers
interested in platform

Keen development

Huge development community

Large overhead on
customising systems

Quick turn around on

Anyone can create screens and customise the system in

Perception of le

Latest platform support

Latest platform support

Partner Confidence is

Enthusiastic community

invigorated community

Losing deals

Winning deals

Beating Microsoft Dynamics again

Integrate the CRM data into native ASP.Net controls usi
ng our SageCRMDataSource component and
utilise any of the data aware free components or other third party components.

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CRM Datasource objects can be bound to ASP.NET Grid and Details controls while still utilising t
he built
in security that Sage CRM offers.

This suite comes with a comprehensive guide so you can get started quickly and be productive from day

A trial version of the suite is available NOW to Sage CRM partners and customers.

Email us at

for more details