Asp.Net with C# Course Syllabus


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Asp.Net with C# Course Syllabus

Microsoft .Net V3.5 Fundamentals

Tier and Three
Tier Architecture

Concept of .Net Framework 2.0, 3.0, 3.5

Platform Requirements

Components of .Net Framework(CLR,CTS,CLS)

Time) Compilers

MSIL(Microsoft Inte
rmediate Language)

Managed and Unmanaged Code

Introduction to ASP.NET Technology

Features of ASP.NET

Architecture of ASP.Net Framework with IIS

CLR and working with New Versions v3.0, v3.5

Windows Workflow Framework [WF]

Windows Presentation Framework [WPF

Windows Communication Framework [WCF]


Web Applications and Web Forms

Execution Process of ASP.NET

Process and Application Domain, Virtual Directory

Starting with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET

How to create an ASP.NET application and configure w
ith IIS

Description of Default Page of an ASP.NET application

User Interface and Code
Behind File

Directives, ASP.NET (Intrinsic) Objects

ASP.NET Server Controls

HTML Server Controls

Web Server Controls

Validation Server Controls

Page Life Cycle and Round

EnableViewState and IsPostBack Properties of Page

User Controls and Master Pages

Navigation Controls

Visual C# 2008 Fundamentals and OOPS Concept

Introduction to C#

Data Types(Value Types and Reference Types)

Data Types Conversions

Type Safety(Boxing
and UnBoxing)

Constants and Variables


Encapsulation & Access Modifiers

Namespaces and Types of .NET Class Library


Inheritance and Object Instantiation

Classes and Structures

Constructor and Destructor

Methods(Declaring ,Invoking and passing Parame

Polymorphism, Method Overloading and Operator Overloading

Properties and Indexer

Virtual, Overriding and Shadowing

Abstract classes, Sealed classes and Interfaces

Delegate and EventHandler


Error Handling and Exception classes

Generics and

Type Parameters, Benefits of Generics

Working with LINQ [Language Integrated Query]

ADO.NET and Working with XML & SQL Server

ADO.NET Overview and Architecture

Connection, DataAdapter object

DataSet, DataTable and DataView objects

Command, DataReader obje

Repeater, DataList, GridView, ListView objects

Populating Dataset, DataTable and Data Binding with Server Controls

Working with XML Files and XML Schema

Working with SQL Server

Working with Bubble Events in GridView

Web Application Security

AAA Securi
ty Concepts

Concept of Authentication and Authorization

Types of Authentication in .NET

Configuring web.config file

Login Controls

based authentication Process

CAS(Code Access Security)

Roll based Security

Application and State Management

Overview o
f state management with HTTP

Side State Management

Side State Management

Working with Application, Session Intrinsic objects

Connection pooling and object pooling

Customized Cookie


Overview of Caching Concept

Page Caching

Fragment Cac

Data Caching

Debugging and Tracing

Debugging Processes

Concept and Implementation of Tracing

Types of Tracing

Working with Master Pages

The Advantages of Using Master Pages

Writing Master and Content Pages

Writing Nested Master Pages

Programming Maste
r Pages

Personalization, User Profiles and Themes

Understanding Personalization

Creating and Managing User Profiles

Using Themes

Working with Web Parts

Building Pages with Web Parts

Creating an Editable Web Part

Connecting to Other Web Parts

Tier Archite
cture, Remoting and XML Web Services

Tier Architecture and .NET Framework

Differences between Remoting and Xml Web Services

Overview of Remoting with Architecture

Overview of XML Web Services with Architecture

Components of Web Services (WSDL, SOAP, UDDI
, SOA)

Microsoft Ajax

Microsoft ATLAS Project

Release of Microsoft Ajax

Partial Page Rendering Concept

Side JavaScript programming

Microsoft Client Library for Ajax

Ajax Control Toolkit

in Application Services

Remote method calls with ASP.NET