ASP.NET 2.0 in 24 Hours


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ASP.NET 2.0 in 24 Hours

Book Notes & Review

Because sometimes you can’t remember what you learned or where the heck you
left off.

Part I: Getting Started with ASP.NET

Hour: 1. Getting Started with ASP.NET 2.0

What Is ASP.NET?

Basic overview of the techn
ology involved: the framework, the code (behind),

Hour: 2. Understanding the ASP.NET Programming Model

Examining the HTML Markup Portion of an ASP.NET Web Page
Examining the Source Code
Portion of an ASP.NET Web Page

Intro to Object Oriented program
ming, Event Handlers and
Web Controls

Hour: 3. Using Visual Web Developer

Creating a New Website
Opening Existing Websites
Working with Web Pages and Other
Customizing the Visual Web Developer Experience
Viewing, Moving, and Resizing

World of Help at Your Fingertips

Hour: 4. Designing, Creating, and Testing ASP.NET Web Pages

Specifying the Design Requirements
Creating the User Interface
Writing the Source Code for
the ASP.NET Web Page
Testing the Financial Calculator
Examining the

Source Code
Using the

Hour: 5. Understanding Visual Basic's Variables and Operators

The Purpose of Programming Languages
Declaring and Using Variables
Examining Visual Basic's
Learning Visual Basic's Type Rules

Hour: 6. Managing Pro
gram Flow with Visual Basic's Control Structures

Understanding Control Structures
Exploring the Conditional Control Structure
Working with
Visual Basic's Looping Control Structures
Exploring the Modularizing Control Structures:

Subroutines and Functions

Hour: 7. Working with Objects in Visual Basic

Reexamining the Role of Classes and Objects
Creating an Object
Setting an Object's
Calling an Object's Methods
Creating Event Handlers for an Object's Events

Hour: 8. ASP.NET Web Controls for Di
splaying Text

Examining the Web Controls Designed for Displaying Text
Using the Literal Web Control
the Label Web Control

Part II: Collecting and Processing User Input

Hour: 9. Web Form Basics

Gathering User Input in an HTML Web Page
Dissecting A
SP.NET Web Forms

Hour: 10. Using Text Boxes to Collect Input

Learning About the TextBox Web Control Basics
Creating Multiline and Password Text Boxes
Examining the TextBox Web Control's Properties

Hour: 11. Collecting Input Using Drop
down Lists, Radio

Buttons, and Check Boxes

Examining the Different Types of User Input Classifications
Examining the DropDownList Web
Selecting One Option from a List of Suitable Choices with RadioButton Web Controls
Using the CheckBox Web Control

Hour: 12. Val
idating User Input with Validation Controls

Examining the Need for User Input Validation
Validating User Input in an ASP.NET Web Page
Examining the RequiredFieldValidator Validation Control
Examining the CompareValidator
Using the RangeValidator
ating Input with the RegularExpressionValidator
Properties for the Validation Web Controls
A Look at the Remaining Validation Controls

Part III: Working with Databases

Hour: 13. An Introduction to Databases

Examining Database Fundamentals
oring Structured Data
Creating a New Database
Database Tables
Adding Data to the Books Table

Hour: 14. Accessing Data with the Data Source Web Controls

Examining the Data Source Controls
A Look at SQL, the Language of Databases
Delving into
the SQL SELECT Statement
Filtering and Sorting Data from the SqlDataSource Control's Wizard

Hour: 15. Displaying Data with the Data Web Controls

An Overview of Data Web Controls

Displaying Data with the GridView Control

Showing One Record at a Time with
the DetailsView

Paging and Sorting with the GridView




Hour: 16. Deleting, Inserting, and Editing Data

Updating, Deleting, and Inserting Data with the SqlDataSource

Looking at the Data Modification SQL Statements

Editing and Deleting Da
ta with the GridView

Inserting Data with the DetailsView




Hour: 17. Working with Data
Bound DropDownLists, RadioButtons, and CheckBoxes

An Overview of the List Web Controls

Filtering Results Using the DropDownList

Collecting User Input

with CheckBoxLists and RadioButtonLists




Hour: 18. Exploring Data Binding and Other Data
Related Topics

Looking at the GridView's and DetailsView's Fields

Using Wildcards in a WHERE Filter Expression

An Examination of Data Binding




Part IV: Site Navigation, User Management, and Page Layout

Hour: 19. Defining a Site's Structure and Providing Site Navigation

An Overview of ASP.NET's Site Navigation Features

Defining the Website's Structure Using a Site Map

g a Breadcrumb with the SiteMapPath Control

Showing the Entire Site Structure




Hour: 20. Managing Your Site's Users

An Overview of User Accounts in ASP.NET

Allowing Visitors to Create New User Accounts

Logging In to the Website with th
e Login Control

Displaying Content Based on Authentication Status

Recovering a User's Forgotten Password




Hour: 21. Using Master Pages to Provide Sitewide Page Templates

An Overview of Master Pages

Creating a Master Page

Creating an AS
P.NET Page That Inherits the Master Page

Providing Default Content in a Master Page

Working with a Master Page's Source Code Portion




Part V: Building a Photo Album Web Application with ASP.NET

Hour: 22. Devising a Plan for the Photo
Album Application

An Overview of the Design Process

The Photo Album Application's Design Requirements

Creating the Database Structure

Sketching Mockups for the Application's User Interface




Hour: 23. Building the Photo Album Applicatio
n Foundation

Partitioning the Application into Manageable Tasks

Implementing the User Account
Related Pages

Creating the Photo Album Website's Home Page

Managing Categories



Hour: 24. Uploading and Displaying Images and Leaving Comments

ing the Photo Album Administration Pages

Displaying the Photo Album to All Visitors

Viewing an Individual Picture and Its Comments

Defining the Site's Structure and Providing Site Navigation