using the following 6-step process


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Kinematics Equations Practice Problems

Write your answers to the following problems
using the following 6

I) Write down the coordinate system used ii) Write down what you know and what
you don’t know with a ? iii) Identify an equation that

will enable you to solve for
your unknown (rearrange if necessary) iv) substitute your know variables and
units into the equation v) solve to get the answer vi) make sure that the units are
correct for your final answer and that it makes sense.


The Sears

tower in Chicago is 443 m tall. Joe wants to get to set the world’s stair
climbing record and runs all the way to the roof of the tower. If Joe’s average
upward speed is 0.60 m/s, how long will it take Joe to climb fro street level to the
roof of the Sear
s Tower?


The peregrine falcon is the fastest of flying birds (and as a matter of fact, is the
fastest living creature). A falcon can fly 1.73 km downward in 25 s. What is the
average velocity of the peregrine falcon?


The fastest speeds traveled on land h
ave been achieved by rocket powered cars.
Suppose that a car starts from rest and reaches a speed of 1090 km/h in a
distance of 20.0km. How long does it take to make the drive?


In 1994, a human powered submarine was designed at Baca Raton, Florida. It
ieved a maximum speed of 3.06 m/s. Suppose this submarine starts from rest
and accelerates at 0.800 m/s

until it reaches maximum speed. i) How long did it
take and ii) what distance did it travel?


The Boeing 747 can carry more than 560 passengers and has

a maximum speed
of about 970 km/h. Suppose the plane lands with a speed of 134 m/s and has a
constant acceleration of

4.8 m/s
. i) How long (time) does it take to land? and ii)
what is the minimum distance of runway needed?


In 1991, four English teenag
ers built an electric car that could attain a speed of
30.0 m/s. Suppose it takes 8.0 s for this car to accelerate from 18.0 m/s to 30.0
m/s. What is the magnitude of the car’s acceleration?


The distance record for someone riding a motorcycle on its rear
wheel without
stopping is more that 320 km. Suppose the rider in this unusual situation travels
with an initial speed of 8.0 m/s before speeding up. The rider then travels 40 m at
a constant acceleration of 2.00 m/s
. What is the rider’s speed after the


The lightest car in the world was built in London and has a mass of lass than 10
kg. Its maximum speed was 25.0 km/h. Suppose the driver of this vehicle applies
the brakes while the car is moving at maximum speed. The car stops after

16.0 m. Calculate the car’s acceleration.