AP Physics Lab #1


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AP Physics Lab #1

Topic: Kinematics in one dimension

For this contest lab you will be given the following materials with which to experiment.
Do whatever experiments you feel are helpful; you will have 30 minutes to complete your







Lots of space on the same floor on which the contest will be held.

Assumptions: The acceleration of the block when sliding along the floor is constant.

I have a device that will slide the block at a known speed (the speed will be given in
cond. The reason I am not giving it to you now is that I do not want you trying to
mimic my device). I will give you this speed 5 minutes before the contest begins. Using
this speed in conjunction with the information that you have determined through
imentation, you will be asked to predict where the block will stop when fired from
my device. You will then mark the spot on the floor and the group whose mark is closest
to the spot where the block stops, will claim their first victory.

Past performance
has led me to make the following table.

Exceptional: Within 2 tiles (Feet)

Strong: Within 4 tiles (Feet)

Average: Within 6 tiles (Feet)

Pedestrian: Within 8 tiles (Feet)

Unacceptable: Further than 8 tiles (Feet), you have some explaining to do. You proba
need to correct your work after discussion with me.