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Ruby Payne

A Framework for Understanding Poverty

GEAR UP Conference

October 25
26, 2004

Tom Milliron & Terri Campbell

Key Points from Research

Poverty is relative

Poverty occurs in all races

Generational and situational poverty are

This work is based on patterns

all patterns
have exceptions

Schools operate from middle
class norms &

Individuals bring with them the hidden rules of
the class in which they were raised

Key Points from Research

There are cultural differences in poverty

We must neither excuse students nor scold
them, we must teach them

We must teach students that there are two
sets of rules

To move from poverty to middle class, one
must give up (for a period of time)
relationships for achievement

if you are not
educated you don’t have a choice to move

Hidden Rules of Poverty

Noise level is higher

Important information is given non

Your value to your group is your ability to

You are not respected unless you are
personally strong

There is a wider range of behaviors that are

Hidden Rules of Wealth

It’s not o.k. not to be perfect

Details are very important

You are not respected unless you have

The rules do not apply to their children

The weapon of choice is social


To survive in
poverty, one must
rely upon non
verbal, sensory and
reactive skills

To survive in school
one must use
verbal, abstract and
proactive skills


In poverty, you can
only live in the

The role of “paper”

The role of money

In middle class, you
mix the abstract with

The role of paper

The role of money

Registers of Language

Frozen: Language that is always the same
(Lord’s Prayer)

Formal: The standard for work & school

Consultative: Formal register in conversation

Casual: Language between friends

Intimate: Language between lovers or twins

Can go up or down 1 register

Cognitive Strategies: Reuven

If you:

do not develop the ability to plan

cannot predict

cannot identify cause and effect

cannot identify consequences

cannot control impulsivity

You may have an inclination to criminal