Homework: the controversy

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Michael Barrow

Lori Reeder

Homework is good

Rob Marzono

Homework is okay

Ruby Paine

Homework is bad

Alfie Kohn

Homework can be seen as a way of prolonging
the school day on a limited budget.

Homework gives students more time to master
a topic or skill.

Homework “reinforces” the skills that students
have learned.

Make sure that students see the purpose of a
homework assignment or are interested in the
topic so that they are more likely to do it.

Allow students to select the topic or apply the
work to their own lives or interests so that they
will put more into the assignment.

Lots of practice can help some students get
better at remembering an answer, but not to get
better at

or even accustomed to


Harm to economically disadvantaged students,
who are unintentionally penalized because
their environments often make it almost
impossible to complete assignments at home.

Stress, frustration, family conflict, loss of time
for other activities, a possible diminution of
interest in learning

Negative attitudes on the part of students who
get more assignments.

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