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Literacy Team

21, 2010

Sally Beck

Northeastern Randolph Middle

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EQ #1

How can we help our students
here at NERMS grow both socially
and academically?

It’s a matter of balance.

There are TWO elements to instruction

social and academic

Our middle class kids come with an
understanding of the social rules, but our
economically disadvantaged students do

Unless both elements are present, we’re
not reaching our students who are
children of poverty

Eric Berne’s Three Voices

Internal voices in
everyone’s head

The Child

The Parent

The Adult

The Child Voice

The Parent Voice

The Adult Voice

Stop and think.

In terms of “voice” what do our
children in poverty lack?

Implications for schools

Discipline should promote successful

Structure and choice are important

Discipline should be a form of instruction

Focus #1: The Hidden Rules
About time and Money


Middle Class






Material Security

We cannot

Scold Students

Excuse or ignore their behavior

We can

Teach students there are two sets of rules

Example from Ruby Payne

If a student from poverty laughs when he is
disciplined, the teacher needs to say, “Do you use
the same rules to play all video games: No, you
don’t because you would lose. The same is true of
school. There are street rules and there are school
rules. Each set of rules helps you be successful
where you are. So, at school, laughing when
disciplined is not a choice. It does not help you be
successful. It only buys you more trouble. Keep a
straight face and look contrite, even if you aren’t.”

EQ #2

What’s a wiki? How will it save
me time?

Move to the computers

Go to your school e
mail and click on the
invitation I sent you to view this wiki

Follow the directions for sign up

Let’s take a guided tour


Payne, Ruby K.
A Framework for
Understanding Poverty