1. What is Ruby on Rails?

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Ruby on Rails

By S. Christopher Hellriegel


1. What is Ruby on Rails?

2. What is MVC?

3. Simple example

4. Wow, that was cool!

What is Ruby on Rails?

New, radical web development framework

Built in Ruby and utilizes MVC architecture

Practices DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself)

Utilizes metaprogramming

Is fully database capable

Utilizes convention over configuration

Easy to use, especially when compared to
other frameworks

What is MVC?

Controller Architecture

Breaks components up

> encapsulates data

> presentation layer

> business logic, ties Model
and View together

Simple Example

Store Recipes!

First, create directory

Example Continued…

cd into cookbook2 directory

Create database

Example Continued…

Configure database

Example Continued…

Test run server

Example Continued…

Generate model object

Add scaffold into model

Wow, that was cool!

It works!!