1 Watchnet Web Installation Guide


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1 Watchnet Web Installation Guide


1 Web Server Requirements

Windows98 : Personal Web Server

Windows NT4.0 : Internet information Server 4.0

Windows 2000 : Internet Information Server 5.0


2 Web Server Installation

Step 1. IIS Server

If the OS is win
dows98 or WindwsNT. IIS is installed form a NT option pack
(separate CD). In the case of windows2000 IIS is included in the windows2000
installation CD. Simply go to the control panels and choose IIS from the
‘add/Remove Windows Components’ in the ‘Add/
Remove Program’ column,
(for more information visit the Microsoft home page at)

http://support .Microsoft.com/support/iis/install/install_iis4.asp)

Step 2. I I S Server install check

To check whether the IIS server has been installed correctly, in the

case of
Womdpws98 look for the personal Web Server icon on the system tray. For
WindowsNT and Windows2000 go to ‘Services’ on the Control Panel (Control
> Administrative Tools
>Services) and check if ‘World Wide Web
Publishing Service’ is set to ‘
Started’. Or start a web browser and enter
‘http://localhost’ for the address and check if the default page (IIS introduction
page) appears correctly.

Step 3. WatchnetWeb File Copy

Copy the WatchnetWeb files to an appropriate directory.

Step 4. Making a

WatchnetWeb Application

Start ‘ Internet Service Manager’, an IIS Administrative tools installed with IIS
(‘internet Services Manager’ is located in the following locations: in

Case of Windows98. ‘Start
> Program
> Personal Web Sever ( or internet
nformation administrative tools). In the case of Window2000 you can find I at
the Control Panel
> Administrative Tools)

From the menu tree left of the “Internet Services Manager” window. Choose
‘Default Web Site’ and push the right mouse button

se ‘New
> Virtual Directory’ from the pop
up menu. The ‘Virtual Directory
creation Wizard’ screen now appears.

Push ‘Next” to follow the step
step instructions.

On the first step input a name for the Virtual Directory Alias. This is the name of

the Web Application, and it is uses as a directory name under the domain name
(or IP) when connecting on a Web Browser.

On the second step input the web site contents directory. Input the directory on
which WatchnetWeb web files were copied to on S
tep 3.

On the final step leave the ‘Access Permissions’ to default and push ‘Next’ to
finish all settings.

Step 5. WatchnetWeb Web Application Check

Run the web browser and enter
http://localhost/ Watchnet W

(http:// (Server
domain name or IP/ (name of the directory used on step 3). Check if the
WatchnetWeb web Application is loaded correctly.


WatchnetWeb web uses WatchnetWeb
actvex control. WatchnetWeb Activex Control is not yet a
tified application program. when a non
Activex control is used, a screen such as (figure 6) appear
on the monitor. In this case Security setting must be changed.

I) Choose ‘Tools
> Internet Options…’ from the web browser menu

II) Choose the

‘Security’ tab from the ‘internet options….’ Screen.

III ) Set the security level for this zone. When connection form outside choose ‘internet’,
when connecting from a local server choose ‘local internet’ .(figure 7)

IV) From the ‘Security level for t
his zone’ in (figure 7), push the ‘Custom Level ….’

V ) change the ‘Activex controls and plug

ins’ part of the ‘Security Settings’ screen, as
shown in (figure 8)

When linking WatchnetWeb, site on the web page to the user to lower the security


Step 6 . WatchnetWeb Log In

WatchnetWeb requires a user certification. When running f WatchnetWeb or the first
time. An Administrator account comes with the program.. The Administrator account is
‘Admin’ and the password is ‘1111’ .
Log in form the log in window on the lower right
part of the screen.

Step 7 . WatchnetWeb User Settings

There are o defaul6 settings for the user settings on WatchnetWeb. To change user
settings. Log in and click on the ‘site setting’ button on the low
er right o WatchnetWeb f
the screen. A window such as (figure 9) should appear on the screen. Enter the
information of the site on which DVR main is located on the site name. IP camera No
Columns, and push ‘Save & Apply’ to automatically close the windo
w after saving and
apply the changes to WatchnetWeb immediately. To delete the current settings, push the
‘delete’ button and then ‘Save & Apply’.

When logged on with the Administrator account, ‘User Select’ appears on the top part of
the screen. From th
is screen the administrator may check the complete list of registered
users and may change the information on any of them, as well as register a new user.

A ‘gust’ user does not have the authority to change user settings: to change them you
must log on w
ith the ‘admin’ account

Step 8.
WatchnetWeb User Management

When first starting WatchnetWeb , only the ‘admin’ account exists. You can log in with
the ‘admin’ account and create other accounts or change them. To do So, push the ‘user
manager’ button
, and (figure 10) appears. To register a new user, push the ‘New User’
button and input the ‘Name’, ‘ID’, ‘Password’, ‘Re
type password’ and push ‘save’
when finished. To change information of a registered user, simply click on the name
with the mouse,
and the user information will appear on the input window above. Make
the desired changes and push ‘Save’ when finished.

The ID of the ‘admin’ account cannot be changes or deleted. Be sure to change the
default password when using the program.


Linking WatchnetWeb Server with another Web Server


1 Summary

These are the steps for linking the WatchnetWeb service page with another
system when starting a web service from an existing domain. But, when the
existing web server is based on IIS, the
n the two systems need not be divided


Linking with WatchnetWeb Server

Linking from the default page

To embed a path directly to the WatchnetWeb page on the existing domain
server, change the default page as follows.



URL=http://[Watchnet Web server





Linking from a specific page

To Link WatchnetWeb with a specific page, simply include the following codes
on the link page. In this case, be
sure to include instructions concerning security
settings as mentioned in Step 5 of the installation directions.

<a href=” htpp://[WatchnetWeb

<p In order to see web demonstration. you have to
download file aft
er setting option “low” “ Tool
Internet Options
> Security settings” </p>