What is Self-Esteem?

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What is

Self esteem is your opinion of yourself. High self esteem is a good opinion of you and low self
esteem is a bad opinion of yourself.

Why I chose it?

I believe t
he connection between communication and one's self
is knowing

who we really
are. It is always good to know if we have a positive self
esteem or a negative self
esteem. If we
know who we are then we can communicate. For example if a person has a high self
esteem he
can communicate well with others, because he has a p
ositive expectation about how he will
communicate. Another example is, if a person has a low self
esteem, he will not communicate
well with others because he might be afraid or might have negative thoughts.

So self
esteem had
a big impact in my life today,

because I was born and almost half of my life rose in a civil war.
My mother always used to give me hopes and encouraged me through all those years. She set my
esteem to the highest possible level, and I believe I survived and made through the civil
because of my high self

How I will use self
esteem in the future

I believe I will use the concept of self esteem in my daily life, because when ever something gets
hard for me, I will remember the civil war that I survived and set my self estee
m high.
In the
future Some of strategies I can use to improve my self
esteem are to learn how to communicate
well with others, and I should always have a high self
esteem. Then that way I won't be afraid of
others. I just got to believe in myself and accep
t who I am and not think about what other people
say about me or think of me. One of the strategies I would recommend for others is always to
have a high self
esteem. In that way you won't be afraid of anything.