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ALT Software’s Embedded OpenGL Software Renderer is a software-based graphics driver that uses a subset of the OpenGL SC graphics
API to support graphics rendering in embedded computing platforms where no GPU is present. This small footprint graphics library
reduces hardware costs and system-level safety certification efforts by allowing designers of devices with low to mid performance
graphics requirements to exclude a GPU or an SoC with a graphics core from their designs. Applications designed to be supported by
ALT’s Embedded OpenGL Software Renderer are “GPU agnostic,” which enables them to be deployed in systems with no GPU present as
well as where the available graphics hardware does not support OpenGL SC.
Embedded OpenGL Software Renderer
DO-178B / ED-12B Certifiable
For avionics display system manufacturers with RTCA
DO-178B / EUROCAE ED-12B certification requirements,
ALT Software’s Embedded OpenGL Software Renderer is
certifiable up to Level A (safety critical) and is available with
the full suite of certification evidence required for regulatory
Technical Details
• Uses a feature-rich subset of the OpenGL SC graphics API,
the most widely adopted open source graphics API for
high reliability embedded platforms.
• Contains Khronos EGL implementations, windowing
functions, and several ALT Software-specific API functions.
• Efficient high performance implementation that supports
both floating and fixed point calculations and fast paths for
common safety-critical uses.
• Complete, customizable source code usable in any
operating system.
• High quality anti-aliased lines and textures at all display
• Support for 16, 24, and 32-bit frame buffer modes, with or
without alpha-out.
• Rendering using a user-supplied frame buffer to
accomplish video blend, static symbology backgrounds,
and other special-purpose graphics functions.
Features and Benefits
• Portable to any hardware platform and operating system.
• No GPU required. Can also be deployed in systems that
contain graphics hardware, regardless of which graphics
APIs are supported by the hardware.
• Certifiable to DO-178B Level A for avionics platforms.
Eases certification efforts by eliminating the need to
include a GPU in the certification effort.
• Ideal for systems that use mostly 2D graphics but may also
require rendering of high quality 3D images (e.g. terrain
• Ideal for many applications used in life-critical medical
devices and automotive infotainment systems.
• Support available from ALT Software for a range of system
• Very small footprint (less than 1MB) makes it highly
suitable for resource constrained embedded computing
About ALT Software
ALT Software is a leading
supplier of advanced 2D/3D
graphics, safety critical and
OpenGL enabling solutions
for embedded systems. We
provide OpenGL ES, OpenGL
SC (DO-178B certifiable) and
OpenVG graphics drivers
for SoCs and discrete GPUs
from AMD, Fujitsu, Intel, Imagination Technologies, Texas
Instruments, Freescale, and others. ALT’s customizable high
performance 2D/3D embedded graphics drivers support a
variety of RTOSes and a range of system configurations. From
an OpenGL SC based software renderer to display drivers for
high performance graphics processors, ALT’s products support
the full spectrum of low to high performance graphics
requirements of various embedded systems. Our software is
designed for deployment in aerospace and defense systems
as well as in automotive, medical, industrial, and consumer
For more information contact:
Phone: 416-203-8508 ext. 1111
Email: sales@altsoftware.com
© 2012 ALT Software Inc. All rights reserved. All brand names, product names, or trademarks are property of their respective owners and should be treated as such.
Modular Architecture
ALT’s certifiable Embedded OpenGL Software Renderer is
designed with a modular architecture to minimize and isolate
coding changes when moving between target systems. This
lessens the impact of developing for different platforms
and operating systems by isolating these issues in specific
modules that each contain a common interface.
The modular architecture allows developers to change
and recertify the driver to accommodate customization
requirements without the need for expensive re-verification
of unchanged components. Having a clean interface between
modules also results in greatly simplified integration and
testing of customer-specific modules and a greater overall
robustness of the driver.
Driver Modules
Dispatch – Routes calls from the application to the
appropriate driver module.
ALT GL – Contains Khronos OpenGL upper level state
ALT EGL – Contains Khronos EGL implementation and several
ALT specific API functions.
SysInit – Handles driver start-up and shutdown.
Built-in-Test – Hardware-specific built in tests.
OS Helper – Exposes driver helper functions to aid in creating
platform independent applications.
Utilities – Implements helpful functions and data structure
management facilities.
Error Reporting – Facilitates error and log output for all
modules in the driver.
Card Specific Library (CSL) – Implements and exposes
hardware-specific functionality and information.
Card Specific Library (CSL) Helper– Exposes various helper
routines to the CSL.
Memory Management Module (MMM) – Handles the
management of memory used within the driver.
Render – Low level rendering implementation.
Display – Implements display mode setup on the hardware’s
display controller(s).
OS – Operating system abstraction module.
Carddata – Facilitates communication with the hardware.
For more information contact:
Phone: 416-203-8508 ext. 1111
Email: sales@altsoftware.com
OPENGL-REN 02222012
Customization Services
ALT Software provides customization services to
accommodate various system configurations and to add
functionality to our safety critical drivers. Our experience
and industry alliances have made us experts with most
major RTOSes, graphics controllers, bus architectures, and
processors. We provide custom mission and safety critical
graphics solutions, including driver, application level, and
middleware solutions.
DO-178B Compliance
Developed from the ground up with safety criticality in mind,
ALT’s OpenGL products conform to the RTCA’s DO-178B
Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment
Certification guideline. Compliance requires minute attention
to detail, strict process control and thorough, concise
documentation, resulting in robust software of the highest
quality. ALT’s DO-178B certifiable products are optimized to
attain maximum performance from the underlying hardware
while respecting the constraints of the DO-178B guideline.
Our adherence to best practices at all stages of the software
life cycle reflects these priorities. These products are intended
for clients who require an OpenGL ES / OpenGL SC driver that
meets the strict software certification standards mandated by
aviation safety regulatory agencies such as the FAA, EASA, and
Transport Canada. Product options include a complete set of
DO-178B Level A documentation as well as a test harness that
fulfills the requirements of the highest level of criticality in
the DO-178B guideline.
ALT Software Embedded OpenGL Software Renderer