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PostgreSQL, Inc. and eRServer
are the property of PostgreSQL, Inc.. Lanux Enabled is a Trademark of Lanux Limited. All Rights Reserved.
Reproduction in any form whatsoever without the express written consent of PostgreSQL, Inc. or Lanux Limited respectively is prohibited.
PostgreSQL, Inc.
360 Main Street, Suite 21
Wolfville, NS, Canada B4P 1C4
PostgreSQL, Inc.
Mission Critical
Server Utilities
 Master to Slave Replication
 Master to Multi-Slave
 Table Level Control
 Real-time or Snapshot
Replication is Essential for
Mission Critical Applications
 Disaster Recovery
 Business Continuity
 Load Balancing
 Redundancy
 Live Upgrade Capabilities
 Real World Test Environments
helps information managers:
1. Confidently implement mission critical solutions using the PostgreSQL open source database.
2. Scale easily from a single backup Slave Server to multiple Slave Servers.
3. Have unlimited support access with PostgreSQL, Inc. Gold or Platinum Support.
Solutions For Any Size Business
Having access to the information your business runs on is important, but having that information
when you need it, and in a form you can use. These are essentials if your Information Technology
is going to provide any real return on investment. PostgreSQL is a full featured solution with the
added value of being a Free/Libré Open Source Software solution already meeting the mission
critical enterprise needs of companies worldwide, and for good reasons: 16 years of proven
development and maturity, and now with the added security of commercial replication.
1. The eRServer
license for use in your own business and applications is included with Silver,
Gold, and Platinum PostgreSQL, Inc. Support contracts (eRServer
is not sold separately)
2. The PostgreSQL database is entirely free to use under the BSD Open Source License
3. PostgreSQL, Inc. has a worldwide network of Certified Alliance Partners to support you
4. Continuous or Periodic Replication
5. Off host processing for DSS, EIS, ERP, and other mission critical reporting

Affordable Scalability
— adding hardware (storage, cpu's, load-balancing, etc. as needed)
— adding bandwidth (WAN, Intranet, Internet, Wireless, etc. as needed)
— eliminating the 'success penalty' of more license fees for the same functionality
7. Extensibility through easy, cost effective integration of new features, servers or applications
Scalable & Extensible
from a single Server to
Distributed Arrays of
Lanux™ Enabled
HA Platforms
In More Demanding Mission
Critical Systems, HA Platforms
provide these added benefits:
 Hot Failover
 Application Hosting
 Cache
 Messaging
 Multimedia
 Proxy
 Search Engine
 Security
 Virtual Private Network (VPN)
 Voice Over IP (VOIP)
 Web Hosting
Rugged & Ready Solutions
was created to meet the needs of existing clients with mission critical applications,
and the license for unlimited use inside each client's business is included under both the Gold and
the Platinum Support programs. eRServer
is not sold separately.
can be installed and operating in as little as two hours for most basic PostgreSQL
Databases. More complex systems may take longer, but in either case your organization will enjoy
the efficient up-front savings in time and licensing costs for this solution, and look forward to a
sustainable returns on your computing investments, while accelerating and simplifying both
implementation and systems administration.
Standalone PostgreSQL Database
 Same System Backup Drives
 Low Maintenance
 Scalable & Extensible
 Cost Effective

Massive Workloads
 Fault Tolerance
 High Availability
 Multi-Server
PostgreSQL, Inc. and eRServer
are the property of PostgreSQL, Inc.. Lanux Enabled is a Trademark of Lanux Limited. All Rights Reserved.
Reproduction in any form whatsoever without the express written consent of PostgreSQL, Inc. or Lanux Limited respectively is prohibited.
PostgreSQL, Inc.
360 Main Street, Suite 21
Wolfville, NS, Canada B4P 1C4
PostgreSQL, Inc.
US$500 / Month
$5,500 Annually
($5,000 net 10 days)
US$1,000 / Month
$11,000 Annually
($11,000 net 10 days)
US$3,000 / Month
$33,000 Annually
($30,000 net 10 days)
What does Support
20 Incidents,
1 Event,
1 Contact Person,
Bus Hrs Mon-Sat
20 Incidents,
2 Events,
3 Contact People,
Unlimited Incidents,
5 Events,
5 Contact People,
What are other
Access to eRServer
including Install support
Discounts on PostgreSQL, Inc. Products & Services
Executable files
Complete Source Code & online CVS
v1.2 Features
• Query Distribution & Load Leveling
• Master to Slave Replication
• Master to Multi-Slave Replication
• Data Merge [PostgreSQL to PostgreSQL]
• Test Regions for development & scenario activities
• Continuous or Periodic Replication
• Off Host Processing for DSS, EIS & Reporting Systems
• Mirroring & Disaster Recovery
• Warm Failover Switching / Fault Tolerance [hardware, software, network]
Operating Systems Supported by CPU:
x86 • Mandrake 8.0 & 9.0
• Redhat 7.2
• FreeBSD 4.7
• Solaris 7* & 8*
Alpha • HP Tru64
Sparc • Solaris 7*, 8*
* Solaris 7 recommended w/Sun JDK 1.2.2
Solaris 8 recommended w/Sun JDK 1.3.1
Third-Party Software Required:
• PostgreSQL v7.1 or higher
• Sun JDK v1.2.x or v1.3.x
• Perl 5.005+ with Perl Modules:
[Pg / DBI / DBD::Pg]
Hardware/Systems Requirements:
• 1 CPU(500MHz) / 2 x 9Gb HD / 1Gb RAM
• Dual CPU(1.4GHz)
• 3 x 36Gb RAID5 SCSI HD
(Minimum antique configuration known to work)
• 1 CPU(400MHz) / 1 x 10Gb IDE HD / 128Mb RAM
** Minimum system requirements are sufficient for small,
local database applications, and for database application
development and testing with eRServer. Recommended
Minimum System Requirements are suitable for small to
medium internet/intranet database applications. Contact
PostgreSQL, Inc. or our Certified Alliance Program
resellers for information on ordering a preconfigured
PgSQL_Server to meet your specific requirements.
Contact PostgreSQL, Inc. or our worldwide network of Certified Alliance Program partners
today to purchase a Gold or Platinum Support package with an eRServer
PostgreSQL, Inc.
The Vision of PostgreSQL, Inc. is to
support the market dominance of
PostgreSQL as the definitive freeware
SQL database solution for individuals
and organizations worldwide.
The Mission of PostgreSQL, Inc. is to
promote the continuous growth in use,
application development, training and
certification programs for PostgreSQL.

Next Generation eRServer
Features Planned Include:
(Subject to change without notice)
• Datamining & consolidation from
multiple datasources
• Data-conversion from multiple
• Unlimited Clustering Support through
PgSQL Distributed Datamastering
• Data Hierarchy Replication
[need to know distributions]
• Hot Failover for Fault Tolerance
including Performance Thresholds
• Transaction Queuing & Recovery
• Multi-way Commit Authentication
• Server Integrity Verification

Other PostgreSQL, Inc.
Turnkey Solutions include:
Lanux™ Enabled
HA Platform
Gold Power Pair
Power Pairs include a 1500W Rackmount UPS &
Two Power Servers, each with:
2 Intel Xeon™ 2.4 GHz Hyper-Threading CPUs
6 x 36Gb U320 SCSI Hard Drives
Intel 2U Rack-mount Case
Linux OS & PostgreSQL ORDBMS
PostgreSQL, Inc. Gold Support Contract
AS SHOWN US$32,495
With Optional Portable Rack Kit