Active Server Pages for the AS/400 ( ASP / 400 )

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Active Server Pages for the AS/400 (ASP/400)
Providing Secure AS/400 Database Access via the Internet/Intranet
AS/400 Running OS/400
V4R2 or above
2.) The need arises to make the
1.) Existing application data,
existing AS/400 database
programs and business logic
information and program calls
such as: Accounts Payable,
easily accessible via the web in a
Receivables, Order Entry,
secure fashion without
Property Tax Info, Inventory Data,
duplicating data.
etc. resides securely on the AS/
400 system
AS/400 programs
and business
4.) VBScript or Javascript
3.) The company chooses the Windows NT/2000 Server
Running Microsoft IIS Web Server
programs can be written to:
industry standard Microsoft IIS
Read/write AS/400 database records
Web Server as the secure front
Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 2000
Call AS/400 programs with parms
door to the AS/400.
Microsoft IIS Web Server 4.0 or Above
Submit AS/400 commands
Note: IIS and ASP/400 can also be ASP/400 software
128Meg memory Minimum
Access AS/400 data queues
used in conjunction with Unix/
512Meg memory or above preferred
Linux web servers as the main
1-2gigabytes free disk space
front-end to the web.
Port 80 WWW Traffic
is allowed through Firewall
5.) Firewall only allows traffic into
the Microsoft Web Server on Port
80. All AS/400 access is handled
inside the Firewall, so there is NO
security exposure for the AS/400
to the Internet.
Standard Web Browsers Can
Now Securely Access AS/400