Intelligent Systems Research

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Emmanuel Fernandez

Larry Mazlack

Ali Minai (coordinator)

Carla Purdy

William Wee

Faculty Research Interests

Emmanuel Fernandez

Stochastic models, stochastic decision & control processes, intelligent/adaptive algorithms,

information technology.

Larry Mazlack

Intelligent databases and information structures, fuzzy systems, data mining,

hybrid intelligent systems.

Ali Minai

organizing systems, computational biology, neural network models of cognition,

artificial life, sensor networks.

Carla Purdy

Intelligent sensor data processing, hybrid intelligent systems, computational biology.

William Wee

Intelligent signal/image processing, analysis and understanding.

Research Areas

Data mining.

Sensor networks.

Neural networks.

Evolutionary algorithms.

Distributed intelligence.

Adaptive decision and control.

Data and sensor fusion.

Search and optimization.

Hybrid intelligent systems.

Intelligent databases and information structures.

Complex adaptive systems.

inspired systems.

Bioinformatics and computational biology.

Intelligent signal/image processing, analysis and understanding.

Course Requirements

All students must satisfy degree program course requirements.

M.S. Students must take at least 3 and Ph.D. students at least 4 of:

EECE 636 Intelligent Systems

EECE 638 Nonlinear and Intelligent Systems

EECE 642 Digital Image Processing

716 Semantic Web

EECE 728 Information Theory

EECE 741 Stochastic Decision and Control

EECE 785

Special topics in Intelligent Knowledge Representation

EECE 841 Advanced Decision Processes

EECE 844 Probability and Algorithms

EECE 854 Complex Systems

EECE 858 Data Mining

EECE 867 Biomorphic Systems

EECE 875 Robust Adaptive Control

EECE 986 Advanced Computer Vision

CS 621, 624 Mathematical Logic I and II

CS 633, 634 Artificial Intelligence I and II

CS 637 Machine Learning

CS 724 Logic in AI

CS 731 Distributed AI

CS 786 Computational Genomics

CS 821 Pattern Recognition