Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition

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Intelligent Ground Vehicle


Michael Lebson

James McLane

Image Processing

Hamad Al Salem

Shane Brumbley

Faculty Sponsor

Dr. Eraldo Ribeiro

Project Website

The Robot

Light Detection and Ranging system

Global Positioning Satellite system (GPS)

view camera

Motor controller(s)

Digital compass

board computer

Goals and Features


waypoint navigation

Obstacle avoidance

Stay within designated lanes

Overall goal: Place as high as possible in
all competitions.


Unpredictable LiDAR data

Integration of image processing and

Field testing


Previous Milestones

Milestone 1

(September 27th)

Write requirements document

Write design document

Write test plan

Evaluate functionality of machine

Evaluate completed programming/algorithms

Milestone 2

(October 25th)

Begin documentation

Begin programming

Clean up existing code

Milestone 3

(November 29th)

Finish refactoring on the project

Complete at least 80% of the navigation algorithm

Complete at least 70% of the image processing classes

Future Milestones

Milestone 4

(February 21st)

Ready Navigation class for testing

Improve Think() function

Improve line and color detection

Improve camera frame rate and analysis

Milestone 5

(March 28th)

Complete heavy field testing at least with LiDAR

Have showcase poster completed

Integrate image processing and LiDAR data

Milestone 6

(April 25th)

Continue working on the vehicle (to perfect it) until the IGVC

Have integrated navigation field tested extensively

Complete User Manual

Record and edit Demo Video

Task Matrix for Milestone 4