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Eberhard O. Voit

Professor and Georgia Research Alliance Eminent
Scholar in Systems Biology, The Wallace H. Coulter
Department of Biomedical Engineering at Georgia
Tech and Emory University

2005, David D. Flanagan Chair in Biological Systems

2004, Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar

1990, Health Science Foundation Scholar

1988, Medical University of South Carolina Key 100

Dan Gusfield

Ph.D., UC Berkeley, 1980

His primary interests involve the efficiency of
algorithms, particularly for problems in combinatorial
optimization and graph theory. These algorithms have
been applied to study data security, stable matching,
network flow, matroid optimization, string/pattern
matching problems, molecular sequence analysis, and
optimization problems in population
scale genomics.

He served as chair of the computer science
department at UCD from July 2000 until August 2004,
and am now the founding Editor
Chief of The
IEEE/ACM Transactions of Computational Biology and

Luonan Chen

Professor at Electronics, Information and
Communication Engineering, Osaka Sangyo University

Research professor of the Institute of Industrial
Science, The University of Tokyo.

Group Leader of ERATO Aihara Complexity Modelling
Project in Japan Science and Technology.Agency.

Director of Institute of Systems Biology, Shanghai

Primary research interest: Bioinformatics, Systems
Biology, Power Systems, Computer Science.

Published: 4 books, 4 patents, Over 100 journal

Jun Wang

Professor, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong
Kong, 2002 to present

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Neural networks,
Computational intelligence, Intelligent control,
Intelligent robotics, Intelligent manufacturing,
Operations research

He is an IEEE Fellow and has published 130 journal
papers, 11 book chapters, and 7 edited books with
about 1400 SCI citations.

Maciej Ogorzalek

Maciej Ogorzalek is a professor of electrical
engineering at the AGH University of Science and
Technology, Krakow, Poland and holds a joint
appointment as head of Department of Information
Technologies at the Jagiellonian University.

He is an IEEE Fellow (1997), Recipient of the IEEE
Cauer (Best Paper) Award 2002.
Distinguished Lecturer of the CAS Society 2001

He was the creator of the new department and new
curricula in applied computer science including bio
informatics at the Jagiellonian University. Author or
author of over 230 technical papers and one book
(Chaos and Complexity in Nonlinear Electronic Circuits,
World Scientific).