Sencha Touch and Kerio Workspace

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02_Sencha Touch and Kerio Workspace
02_Sencha Touch and Kerio Workspace


Printed on
September 05, 2011



Sencha Touch and Kerio Workspace

Kerio Workspace is a powerful and complex web application that heavily depends
on HTML5, CSS3 and
Javascript. The interface is designed for desktop browsers on PCs and Macs, so when we decided to
provide mobile access for smartphones, we needed a differe
nt approach. In version 1.0, we

experimented with a very simple interface in plai
n Javascript and HTML . It worked, but it wasn't very
visually appealing and provided only a mediocre user experience.

For version 1.1, we decided to make a big leap forward. We
wanted to create a state
art mobile web client with an
based interface and a native look and feel. But we
dreaded the thought of starting over and writing low level code
from scratch again. We also feared having to manually configure
each touch event, draw UI controls, code all of the visual effects,

worry about compatibility across the wide variety of iOS and
Android devices. Thankfully, as we began moving forward, we
found a much better option.

We've been devoted users of the Ext JS library for many years.
The administration interfaces in all of

our products use the library,
and the Workspace UI is also written in Ext JS. Over the years, the
Ext JS developers achieved well
deserved success, got funding
from top
tier venture firms, and renamed themselves to Sencha.
By the time we started looking f
or help in developing our new
mobile web application, they had developed another great tool:
the Sencha Touch library.

The Sencha Touch library provides a complete toolbox for mobile
native looking buttons and toolbars, list and carousel
controls with momentum scrolling, 3D animated transitions for
navigating between different UI views

all available and debugged
for iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices. Just one month after
starting f
rom scratch with the Sencha Touch library, our engineers
were able to deliver a complete first version of the application to
our beta community.


the public beta of Kerio Worksp
ace 1.1 and see for yourself what our new mobile interface
provides. Or, if you'll be in Prague at the end of September, stop by at the local

WebExpo conference
where our mobile engineers will del
iver a detailed session about our experience with Sencha Touch.

Have a
Great Day!