Project Title : Document Archival System Front End : J2EE, ExtJS 3.4 ...

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Project Title : Document Archival System

Front E
nd :



Back End : MySQL, Lucene/SOLR [
For Indexing

Framework : Sturts2, Spring, Hibernet


Retention Policy

Archival module

Uploading Module

Cabinet Explorer Module

Search Module

FullText Search Module

Indexing Module

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Project Description:

Document Archival System captured the interest of academics
and decision makers for a long while.

Aiming mainly to facilitate the creation, Maintain and
collaborative Storage of large amounts of documents, many
applications were developed to address the in
creasingly critical
need to manage information efficiently and securely.

DAS, it should provide powerful meta
data processing
capabilities. Only few applications have this essential feature.

Documents are usually added to the system through the Add

web based use interface.

DAS has the ability to upload multiple documents
simultaneously in any format.

After the document is added to the system's repository, the
system generate for details