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SOLUTION: There are many hosting options along with
youtube for video.
RESULT: Try some hosting sites like vimeo, vevo,
dailymotion, and metacafe. Receive SEO benefits from
having good content.
Where should I host my videos?
When it comes to the use of video in Search Engine Marketing or SEM, most think of
just posting a video to YouTube in hopes of getting it into Google’s blended or universal
search. In fact, video can be used in multiple ways in order to benefit your SEM efforts.
The use of video can increase SEO value, help you rank for keywords, attract and
engage new customers or prospects, and can increase brand awareness, among other
things. In this cheat sheet we will address the top 6 questions we often get about videos
and their use in SEM efforts.
Video Cheat Sheet
SOLUTION: Employ the use of paid media
RESULT: The use of paid media can help to drive traffic to
your video, website, or landing page and will also allow
your content to have placement above the fold, while
your competitors get pushed below the fold.
My competitor’s videos are climbing in
rankings, what can I do?
SOLUTION: Consider developing video content targeting
those keywords, promote, and optimize.
RESULT: You can start ranking for those keywords and
begin to claim valuable Google real estate or front page
shelf space.
My competition is ranking for keywords I
want, what can I do?
SOLUTION: Create a video XML sitemap, implement
titles/descriptions that include your targeted keywords,
and also promote the video.
RESULT: Ideally your videos will be indexed in Google
and start gaining traction in universal or blended search.
Why isn’t my video ranking in Google?
SOLUTION: Deploy an Online Reputation Management
RESULT: Once a strategy is developed and implemented,
the negative content will begin to push down.
What should I do about negative videos?
SOLUTION: Consider using different types of paid media,
including social ads as well as video optimization.
RESULT: By using various types of paid media and
employing video optimization, searchers will have an
easier time finding your content.
How can I make my videos easier to find?