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Drive your next recruitment campaign
with Search Engine Marketing from Haines
Search engines are now readily accepted as part of the online
experience. In fact over 60% of internet sessions begin with a search
engine and there are millions of searches performed monthly in

New Zealand alone. So what are all these searches trying to find?
Anything and everything.
Anything you could imagine that someone would want to know
is being searched on. Sports results to holidays, product reviews
to jobs. Yes, that’s right, jobs. Candidates are out there now,
looking for a new place to work by searching for information
through their preferred search engine eg Google, Yahoo.
You only pay if the ad is relevant to the target audience.
If you are advertising a job role online then Search Engine
Marketing (SEM) enables you to select keywords that are relevant
to the role. When potential candidates type the matching
keywords into a search engine your ad is delivered to the
highlighted areas at the top and side of the screen. It has the
benefit that you only pay when someone actually clicks onto your
ad. In google, SEM ads are the ones that are highlighted at the top
of the search results and down the side bar.
Search Engine Marketing (SEM) does have a number of advantages
over other forms of advertising:
– The ability to target by geographic location
very accurately . In New Zealand you can geotarget down to
cities and regions. Internationally geotargeting streets and even
single buildings is possible!
• Measurement
– The ability to accurately measure which
individual words are being clicked on and which ones are actually
generating relevant applications. This helps in your measurement
of campaign effectiveness and in planning future campaigns.
This is where you need an expert, and where Haines can be of most
value to your campaign. We will make sure the right keywords and
ad copy are developed, and that the most effective destination is
delivered to the candidate to encourage them to apply.
The Haines Search Engine Marketing solution is a very effective
way to broaden the reach of your campaign to cost effectively find
the perfect candidate. We provide best practice advice to ensure
your campaigns are performing optimally.
For more information on how Search Engine Marketing can
help drive your recruitment campaign, or to add a Search
Engine Marketing component to your next campaign or
vacancy, talk to your Haines Account Manager today.
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