eMarketing: Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

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eMarketing: Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Advertising

SEM (Google AdWords)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search and find!
Take the opportunity to influence the search process in
such a way that you most benefit from it.
More than 80% of all users “search” the internet. Thus,
search engines are the second most used internet
tool after E-Mail. The advantage: every searcher has
concrete needs, often a concrete purchase intention.
Search Engine Marketing (SEM) allows you to place
your offers in Google or in other search and retrieval
services and thus overtake your competitors.
SEM services & prices (Google AdWords Keyword
Delivery of the ordered number of clicks via Google
to the desired target URL.
Regular reporting (depending on the duration) on
the number of views and clicks made per group
Note: You can determine the period of the campaign to
a limited extent. Due to the dependence on the
selected keywords (search items) and on the response
values, the duration is subject to time shifts.
Setup services
Campaign set-up incl. customized settings
Selection of relevant keywords and phrasing of the
advertising text
One-off set-up costs (charged on a time and
material basis)

Make efficient use of the popularity of the Google
search engine - advertise your own products and
With Google AdWords you can place
advertisements that are displayed next to the
search results to a particular search item. Thus,
you enjoy the benefit of an excellent ad
placement without any effort.
Enjoy the convenience of not being charged
before the searcher has clicked your

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

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