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Airshow Search Engine Marketing
2006 ICAS Presentation
Presentation is online!


Airshow Example
Web Site Fundamentals

As a Marketing Tool
2006 Review

“The Good”

“The Bad”

“The Ugly”
Successful Site Examples

Successful Site Breakdown
Search Marketing

Search Engine Facts

Heat Map
Onsite Optimization

Offsite Optimization

The Big Secret . . .
Field Trip

Learn what techniques can position your air show web
site higher in Google and other top search engines.
Information is only the TIP of the iceberg!
The information presented is derived from:
Airshow Tactics for the Web
(Event Edition)
Culmination of …

14 years of Internet development experience

6 years of Airshow web site experience

Audit of over 100 ICAS Performer websites

Audit of over 200 ICAS Airshow Event websites
The Airshow Experience
Web Site Fundamentals
Does you web site accomplish the following?

Save time?

Save Money?

Increase Revenue and Profitability?
If you site isn’t doing all of the above, you aren’t
maximizing your web site potential.
Your most important Marketing Tool

Your web site is the best return on investment
as a promotional
and informational resource

When people visit your web site,
their attenti
on is focused 100 percent on you

Web sites are located in on
e place (
24 hours a day, 365 days a yea
r, worldwide.
Traditional advertising

Traditional advertising should complement your online efforts
As Marketing Tool, continued …

Websites offer tremendous flexibility for information distribution
you can offer information digitally, minus the printing costs

What other form of advertising can be updated as quickly and
inexpensively as your website?

Your airshow performer website is also a valuable customer service
channel, it allows you a channel to quickly collect feedback
2006 Event Site Review
General Overview of Airshow Event Web sites for 2006
“The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”
“The Good”

Most pages are HTML based

Better balance of information and design

Better focus
“The Bad”

Splash Pages

Sites that aren’t compelling

Multimedia handling –
Flash Overuse

Come see the Raptor
“The Ugly”

Site that don’t load, yet listed in Google

Broken Links
Successful Site Example
Successful Site Example
Successful Site Breakdown
40,000 Visitors Daily
60,000 Peak Visitors Dail
Generates Revenue
Through Advertising
Thousands of pages
Does five to six
figures in revenue annually
Only two pages
Utilizes Keyword
Targeting and
Today’s Topic -
Search Marketing
SEM and SEO are important parts of a
much larger online marketing strategy
What is Search Engine Optimization?
What is Search Engine Marketing?
Search Engines Facts
As an important part of your online marketing strategy
Can you type in your name and show in the top listing?
Search Engine Statistics

50% of all users click on the first link to appear

About 80% of users looking to purchase something
start with search engines

Search engines provide targeted traffic!
Important Note on Flash Site

They are rarely indexed properly in search engines

If possible use HTML
(Peter Kent, SEO for Dummies)
Google Heat Map
Onsite Optimization
What is onsite optimization?
Important Onsite Factors (describe each)

<title> tag


Description tags

Keyword Targeting
Searches on keywords provide qualified traffic
Data below collected from Meta Engines (
Market Research Data)
Airshow Performer
airshow performer
Concentrate on the keywords that bring you visitors

Your Airshow

Your Town

Keyword tool,
Offsite Optimization
What is off site optimization?
This is 75%+ of search engine optimization
Important Off site Factors

The Big Secret everyone misses or ignores . . .
The Big Secret is . . .
Backward Links
This is the most important SEO consideration.
Get High quality links to your page!
What are high quality links?
This is directly connected to where you appear in SERP.
Things you can do:

Get other sites to link to your web site

Get Links from your sponsors

If there are articles about the show have them link

Have a linking policy in place
The Field Trip
Going Online
Implementing the Information

Have your current developer integrate suggestions

Integrate suggestions on your own

Hire someone to integrate suggestions

Get more information on SEO and SEM online!
The easiest way to learn is by trying it yourself

Protect yourself by backing up your files
In Conclusion …
Your web site is there to create solutions to your
marketing challenges …
If you take away only one thing from this presentation:
Get High Quality Links to Your Site!
“There are no guarantees in life, only opportunities.”
Thank you for your time!
Please Visit …
Learn How to:

Save thousands of dollars
in unnecessary
web development costs

Maximize the marketing power of
your current airshow web site

Use insider web site Secrets to your advantage

Save thousands of dollars on advertising

Learn how to get the most out of traditional advertising via your
airshow web site
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