Virtual Reality Bytes!

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Virtual Reality Bytes!


what it actually feels like to cycle the mountains of the tour de france with ou
leaving Brisbane. Imagine being

able to compete against your work colleagues on a road bike in the
safety of an airconditioned room and a big screen showing
your progress?

“It is a bit like wiifit... on steroids” says owner operator
of best practice personal training at the
Valley Pool
Anthony Gillespie
. “This is an 8 bike set up and is unique to Queensland. In fact there are
only 4 other places in Australia that have this. It is used
the US Olympic team to train their elite
athletes but is equally suitable for both

the beginning

yclist or

spin participant looking for

The system is called Computrainer and is well known to Northern Hemisphere cyclists as a viable
training option in a snow bound winter. But the ever growing traffic burden of Brisbane mak
es safe
training on
the road

a challenge that not
every cyclist

or exerciser

wants to face.

“We see this set up as a way to get more people confident on a bike and very much in keeping with

Bligh’s vision for a fitter and leaner Queensland. This is d
efinitely something we have a passion
for too”