22 March 2012 - Josep Sule-Suso - Keele University

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esearch Institute for Science
& Technology in Medicine

MSc Cell & Tissue Engineering / Biomedical
Engineering Seminar Programme

Dr Josep Sulé

Cancer Centre, University Hospital of North Staffordshire



Thursday, 22

March, 1.00 p.m.

Seminar Room

Guy Hilton Research Centre

Thornburrow Drive


All Welcome


Virtual imaging in the provision of information on radiotherapy
planning and delivery.

It is widely accepted that clinicians sometimes underestimate cancer patients’ needs
for information on radiotherapy (RT) planning and delivery. Furthermore, relatives
feel sometimes excluded from the treatment of their loved ones.

The preparation of exte
rnal RT for cancer entails obtaining a CT Scan and outlining
the treatment volumes and organs at risk on each of the CT scan slices. Whilst this
is explained in detail to patients before starting RT quite often, patients find difficult to
fully understand
how RT is planned and delivered. On this basis, we have carried out
a pilot study to assess whether both patients and their relatives would welcome
further information on RT planning and delivery using virtual reality (VR). This is the
first time that such

a study has been carried out worldwide on a one to one basis

The results obtained in this pilot study show that both patients and relatives highly
welcomed this information in 3D as it helped them to better understand not only how

is planned and given but also why they might get certain side effects. Relatives
felt also more involved in the treatment of their loved ones. These data show that VR
could become an important tool for delivering information on RT to both patients and
atives which can be easily applied in Oncology Centres worldwide.

Josep Sulé