Organizational Profile - Honeywell International


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Organizational Profile

Honeywell International



Corporate headquarters:

6 division headquarters worldwide,

Corporate headquarters

Morristown, NJ


3001 East Airlane Rd, Building 404 (Area 4), Phoenix, AZ 85034


(480) 592

President and CEO:

David M. Cote


Aerospace, Technology

Annual sales worldwide:

$24 billion in 2001


in general:

Most of Honeywell’s products are not visible to the average consumer, although t
he average
consumer certainly relies on them. For instance, their Aerospace division produces products
such as collision avoidance and traffic control systems, wing ice and wind shear sensors,
autopilots and landing systems. The aerospace division is the

world’s premier supplier of
engines, systems, avionics and other products and services for commercial, regional, and
business aviation, military aircraft and spacecraft. The official product categories of the
aerospace division include: aircraft landing

systems; engines, systems & services; federal
manufacturing & technologies; aerospace electronic systems; and automation & control
solutions. Aerospace, representing 41% of Honeywell’s global sales for 2001, is only one
division within Honeywell’s global

network and their headquarters are located in Phoenix,
Arizona. This division employs 37,500 employees in 61 countries and recorded $9.65 billion in
revenues in 2001. Globally, Honeywell has headquarters in 3 major cities in the United States
is, Morristown, and Phoenix) and 3 international locations (Prague, Singapore, and

Honeywell’s vision statement states, “We will be a premier growth company, delivering
unsurpassed customer and shareholder value through talented people and i
nnovation.” Their
value statement includes the following commitments: integrity (doing the right things); diversity
(valuing and respecting everyone); excellence (passion to be the best); agility (adapting and
acting quickly); and courage (being forthrig
ht and confident). Their corporate goals for 2002
include: focusing relentlessly on satisfying customers; enlisting every employee in the plan for
growth; achieving productivity, earnings and cash flow commitments; and creating a great place
to work thro
ugh learning and innovation.

Other interesting information:

Money magazine awarded Honeywell as one of America’s 75 best companies to work for in
2001 (they ranked 12
). They employ 115,000 workers in nearly 100 countries. They are a
Fortune 100 com

$24 billion sales in year 2001. They are one of 30 select companies
represented by the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Questions to ask during interview:

1) What potential for advancement exists from the position I am applying for?

2) I intend
to pursue an MBA degree. Is there currently a tuition reimbursement program in

3) I am an early riser and like to start my workday around 7 am. What are the expected working
hours for this position? Are they flexible?

4) What is the organiz
ational culture like in the division that I would be working in? How many
other accountants work in the same group that I would work in?