Bob Witwer is currently the Vice President of Advanced Technology ...


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Bob Witwer is currently the Vice President of Advanced Technology for Honeywell
Aerospace. In this role Bob is responsible for defining the technology strategy and
developing the technology

for all of Honeywell Aerospace’s products; engines,
er units,
air management systems, electric power systems, flight controls, avionics,
and sensors. Bob has over 30 years of aerospace engineering experience, all with
Honeywell. Prior to holding his current position, Bob was the Director of Crew Interface
and Platform Systems Advanced Technology, Director of Aerospace Integrated
Electronic Systems, and Director of Aerospace Communications and Navigation
Engineering. Bob held key management positions on a number of ground
avionics development progr
ams, including the A320 Flight Management System, the
Boeing 777 Airplane Information Management System, and the Honeywell Primus Epic
integrated m
odular avionics system for

regional jets, business jets and helicopters. He
served as chief engineer respons
ible for all Honeywell avionics delivered to Cessna.

Bob has extensive experience with Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA) design and
avionics systems integration, as well as in avionics hardware, software, and systems

Bob has taught various profes
sional classes at Honeywell, including classes on Flight
Management Systems and Aerospace Program Management, and was a Covey
Learning Center certified instructor for “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. He
has done numerous interviews with aerospac
e trade press on topics ranging from “Next
Gen Air Traffic Management” to “Cockpits of the Future”. He is a member of the
Industrial Advisory Board for Arizona State University Polytechnic, is on the board of
directors for the Arizona Technology Council,
and is an officer on the Board of Directors
for the Challenger Space Center in Arizona.



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