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642 εμφανίσεις Body Beautifuls goal to provide quality treatment and rapport with patients that we provide for our cosmetic procedures. Patients can consult with our physician(s) about any of their concerns to ensure we are meeting individual's needs. It is important for our patients to understand their skin conditions and discover the cosmetic procedures that are effective to treat their concern.

Welcome to Body Beautiful Laser


Body Beautiful has a mission to deliver safe and trusted treatments, ensuring we are
meeting your individual cosmetic needs.

It is very important for our patients to understand
their conditions, discover what cosmetic procedures and skin
care products to use to treat
the root of problems. We will customize treatment packages for both women and men who
want to look and feel younger by delivering effective, comfortable and safe state of the art
treatment programs. These provide for optimal and visible results with little to no
downtime. We incorporate the newest, safest, most effective cosmetic medicine treatments
available and are constantly researching and educating our staff on the best practices

Body Beautiful Laser Med Spa Provides

Free consultations with Physician, Estheticians or Medically
Trained Staff

10 Convenient Locations in Western Pa

Specialized Experienced staff

Customized Treatment Plans

Weekend & Evening Appointments

Easily accessible locations

Free parking, wide availability

Discounts & Gift Packages Available

Private and confidential settings

like Atmosphere

Pittsburgh’s Locally and Family owned

We use a variety of Non
Invasive or Minimally Invasive Procedures treatment services
to provide optimal results



Body Beautiful Laser
Spa proudly recommends,

Skincare, from Esthetic
Research Laboratories. It is an injection
free professional skincare line with bioactive
nutriments that stimulate cellular regeneration and deliver effective solutions for visible,
clinically proven results at home.


works with and enhances the skin’s own biology making sure cells “work
together” to promote regeneration, address irregularities, and inhibit collagen loss. With
three complete formulas to choose from and a wide variety of Specialty Products to
target specific needs,

addresses all skin issues and offers a solution for
healthier younger looking skin.

Hand Rejuvenation

Apart from the face and neck, hands

are the most visible, unclothed area of the body and are
more often left unprotected from harsh environmental elements and over time can develop
premature signs of aging.

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