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Mark G.J. Turner

18 Carondale Drive

St. John’s, NL, Canada

A1G 1T5

Mobile: 709


Master of Science (MSc)
, Marine


and Policy

Professional, experienced

Effective Manager

Vocational Educator

30 years work experience encompassing marine, onshore and offshore oil and gas operations,
project management, legal advisory, educational, and progressive mana
gement positions

International experience includes supervision and project management of new builds,

conversions and upgrading,


topsides, retrofits, collision re
pair, commissioning,
terminal design,

marine and fleet operations

and transp

shipyard and facility

mooring systems, and drill rig towage to and from location

Developed technical, management and executive teams
, senior management in various
corporations, Board of Directors positions, financial management, stra
tegic planning, change
management, human resource management

Strong relationships with energy contractors, Unions / Building Trades, Regulators, Transport
Canada, federal and provincial governments, Universities and Colleges, international contacts, C
B, NOIA etc

Strong leadership talents, “team player” attitude and spirit and the natural ability to establish
consensus among cross
functional lines

Generated profits in various areas

Demonstrates strategic ability through successfully launching companies,

committees, research
and development groups

Demonstrates unquestionable integrity and honesty in all dealings with both internal and
external partners / customers

Contributes leadership skills in a corporate setting, manages the creative process, motivate
s and
empowers team members while juggling multiple projects

Confident, energetic, enthusiastic, both effective and efficient, pragmatic, and motivated

Career path is focused and primarily dedicated to the management, direction, and overview of
oil and gas and marine related projects and operations internationally

Been a member or director of numerous legal and technical associations and sat on a number of
renowned national and international committees representing Canada and North America


Education and Training

United States Marine Safety Association
, Philadelphia


International Fire Service Training Association
, Oklahoma City


Marine Institute
Certificate of Completion ISO 9000 Quality Standards


Memorial University of NL
, Management Development


Marine Institute of MUN
, Certificate of Effective Instruction


Canadian Coast Guard College
, Certificate of Effective Management


Memorial University of NL
, Diploma, Vocational Education


University of Wales, Cardiff Law School

United Kingdom)


Master of
Science, Marine

Law and Policy

Transport Canada

(Canadian Coast Guard)

Marine Masters


Ship Master Certification No. CDN 7732V

Additional Professional Achievements

and Writings

Review of Offshore Oil
Spill Prevention and Remediation Requirements and Practices in
Newfoundland and Labrador

The Legal and
Legal Regime of Offshore Installations

The Law of Marine Insurance

Carriage of Goods by Sea

Marine Policy and Resource Management

Canadian Maritime Law

Marine Surveying and Inspection

International Trade and Transportation

Port Management and

Management of Ship Operations

The Business of Shipping

Marine Safety


Marine Policy

Marine Environmental Studies

Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Sea

Marine Transportation

Degrees and Certificates


, Marine


and Policy


Marine Mas
ters Certification (Transport Canada)

Diploma, Vocational Education

Certificate, Effective Instruction

Marine Surveyor

Scuba Diver Certification (ACUC)

Simulated Electronic Navigation Certification

Radiotelephone Operator’s Certification

Marine Emergency
Duties III Certification

s Level III (Advanced)

First Aid Certification

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

Certificate of Effective Management

Management Development Courses

Commissioner for Oaths, NL

Expert Witness in Maritime Court Proceedings

Survival Training

Fast Rescue Craft


Safety Management

Employment History

Newfoundland LNG Ltd




President, Chief Operati
ng Officer, Project Manager

Oversight and management responsibilities in the finalizing of various requirements related to the Grassy Point
LNG Terminal in Placentia Bay, NL. Although fully approved by both federal and provincial authorities the project
quired additional planning, oversight and management regarding permitting, extensions, water

requirements, jetty and facility design etc
. Additional tasks included negotiating and attracting international
interest for the future development and commerc
ialization of the LNG terminal which included international LNG
players and domestic oil and gas operators with stranded offshore natural gas reserves.

Senior Consultant


Nov 2010

Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

Review of Oil Spill Prevention and Remediation and Practices in Newfoundland and Labrador in light
of the MODU Deepwater Horizon catastrophe in


Gulf of Mexico


comprehensive analysis reviews

the legislative and regulatory regimes, capabilities and practices in
place directed toward prevention and remediation of oil spills in the province’s offshore including
installations and oil tankers. The report also
provides a comparison of requirements, capabilities and
practices in other comparable jurisdictions internationally, including Norway, the United Kingdom,
Australia, and the U.S. Gulf of Mexico. Evidence
based conclusions and recommendations
are provided
or changes that,

if implemented, would bring the legislative and regulatory regimes, capabilities and
practices in Newfoundland and Labrador in line with the most progressive regimes, capabilities and best

practices internationally.


North Atlantic Pipeli
ne Partners L.P
. Feb 2004

Chief Operating Officer, General Counsel, Project Manager

Oversee and manage the environmental assessment and EPC, engineering and design of tw


LNG transshipment and storage facilities in Canada and the Caribbean.

Responsibilities also included HSE
and contract negotiation oversight

as well as community relations with five surrounding communities

Project value $1.5 billion.

Provided str
ategic direction for the planning, development, and
implementation of Q
MAX Ship Management policies and procedures that would ensure efficient and
effective delivery of ship management services in compliance with quality, security and safety standards
d statutory requirements. Developed and implemented business develop
ment and budget strategies
with an aim to grow the company’s ship and terminal management business. See

During envi
ronmental assessment exercise attendance included public presentations, sitting on various
committees such as vessel traffic groups, Canadian Coast Guard
, Response Corporations,


governments, and

local communities to discuss increased vessel t
raffic, potential oil pollution

related environmental

scenarios etc.

Newfoundland LNG Ltd.

Jan 2006

President and Chief Operating Officer,
Project Manager

Manage and oversee the complete development, environmental assessment, EPC and engineering and
design of an LNG transshipment and storage terminal in Placentia Bay, Newfoundland, Canada.

Formulated and implemented marketing and business gro
wth strategies to attract new business and
retain existing clients;

Negotiated with prospective client or ship owners to ensure attainment of service


that would
be beneficial to both the client and company;

Monitored business development
activities of staff to ensure exploring of business opportunities;

Assist in vessel acquisitions;

Took an active role in project teams or group activities to ensure meeting goals and objectives;

Performed human resource



Helideck Safe
ty International Inc.

Sept 2001

Executive Vice President, Project Manager

Manage the engineering, design and development

and patenting

a full
motion helideck

training and research and development facility. Responsibilities included the management and direction


of design, engineering and research and development for this multi
million dollar project. International
clients included oil and gas industry
, navies, law enforcement, coast guards, and maritime industries.

Partners included Bosch Rexroth Group, Lockheed Martin, SNC Lavalin, QinetiQ, INDAL Technologies,
National Research Council etc.

Atlentec Ltd

Aug 2001

President, Project Manager

Manage a professional solutions provider for marine and offshore oil and gas industries. Provided field
design, concept development, grav
ity based structure design (AKER Solutions), engineering projects,
design offshore gas pipeline systems, FPSO audits, MODU towage contracts
, supervision and project
management of new builds, topsides, retrofits, collision repair, commissioning, conversions

International experience includes North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia, South America,



Syndicated Management Services Ltd.

Jan 1998
Aug 2001

President and C
hief Executive Officer

Provided world class executive and senior management services to industry and governments through
the senior resources of its member groups, a flexible global network of professionals and organizations.
Clients included Mobil, Husky
Energy, Petro
ada, Exxon Mobil as well as sub
contractors. Offshore
projects included Hibernia, Terra Nova, and Whiterose.

Other areas included technical ship management
and engineering, naval architecture, vessel safety, finance and strategic project m

Marine In
stitute of Memorial University of NL

Jan 1993
Jan 1998

Director, Offshore Safety and Survival Centre

Accountable for developing, managing, and marketing the programs,
services, activities

and capabilities
of the OSSC

in responding to the needs, nationally and internationally of marine transportation, the
fishing industry, offshore petroleum

and marine technology

and all associated industries. Also
responsible for pla
nning, directing, coordinating

and supervising all activities of the OSSC

and for
marketing its capabilities, nationally

and internationally.

Developed and maintained close working relationships with all marine sectors and with appropriate
government ag
encies and stakeholders to ensure that the Centre’s programs, services, and activities
were appropriate to the industries served and relevant to the social and economic development of
Newfoundland and Labrador. Developed and maintained strong links with Ca
nadian and international
maritime agencies and industries to seek out opportunities and develop a leading role in marine survival
training and applied research for the Marine Institute. Played significant management role in simulated
training programs at M
emorial University including bridge simulation, offshore safety and survival
training and international associations involved in safety and simulation.


Marine Institute of Memorial University of NL

April 1989
Jan 1993

Law Lecturer, Memorial University

Instruct marine deck and engineering students in Marine Law and Ship Management. Develop courses in
Marine Surveying and Inspection; Management of Ship Operations; Carriage of Dangerous Goods by
ea; Marine Transportation; International Trade and Transportation; Hydrographic Surveying; Marine
Environmental Studies; The Business of Shipping; Port Management and Operations; Marine Policy;
Maritime Law; Marine Safety Management.

Lecturer, instructor a
nd course developer for maritime programs and simulation training in United
Kingdom, United States, Vietnam, Africa, Canada, Finland, Norway and Malaysia.

North Atlantic Marine Management Inc.

President and Chief Executive Officer

Company provided advisory

and consultancy services to the marine, offshore

and related indust

Services included ship management, corporate security, safety and environmental management, QA /
QC, insurance claims, human resources, etc.

Clients included:

Helicopter Training

International, New Orleans, USA

Vessel Traffic Control

and Traffic Sep
aration Schemes, Ottawa, Canada

Mooring Systems for Offshore Installations, Houston, Texas, USA

Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency

Offshore Oil and Gas Industries

Charles Taylor and Co., United Kingdom

Feb 1988
Mar 1989

Legal Executive, Protection and Indemnity Club (P&I)

Act on behalf of Ship O

and Oil Rig Owners in accidents

and disputes which arise out of them.
Provide legal advice service on owner’s rights

and liabilit
. International syndicates.


Variety of Offshore Supply Vessel Companies


Progressed from Able Seaman to Master/Manager

Responsible to owners and charterers for safety of
crews, vessels and cargoes. Vessels engaged in
offshore oil exploration, primarily drill rig support and supply. Fleet manager

Zapata Marine, Houston,
Texas. Global oil and gas industry.

Operations included lifting and setting rig anchors, towing rigs,

ooring design,

monitoring and towing
icebergs when required. Participation in rig safety drills with emphasis on rig evacuation and recovery of

Normal re
supply, i.e. deck, bulk and liquid cargoes to and from drill rigs.

Officer on Sei
mic vesse
ls and con
ventional ships

Oil tankers, Cargo, Survey, Supply

Supervise and oversee crew in ship operations and maintenance

Navigational and operational duties

Seaman / Bosun

on general cargo and tankers

College of Fisheries, NL


Naval Archit
ecture student employed with local firm dealing with the design and construction of sea
going vessels

Professional Committees and Affiliations

Canadian Maritime Law Association

American Maritime Law Association

Nautical Institute, United Kingdom

d Institute of Arbitrators, United Kingdom

Maritime Arbitrators of Canada

Oceans Task Force advising on the design and preparation of Master degree programs

Cardiff Law School Advisory Council, University of Wales

School of Maritime Studies Alumni

Association of Master Mariners

Task Manager

Program Development Fund (Overseas) Canadian International Development
Agency (Africa, Vietnam, Malaysia)


Public Review Panel on Tanker Safety and Marine Spills Response Capability

Canadian Marine Advisory Coun
cil, Canadian Coast Guard

International Association for

Sea Survival Training, (IASST)


Oil and Gas Committee, (Newfoundland Ocean Industries Association)

Past President, (Newfoundland Ocean Industries Association)


International Helicopte
r Training Association


Canadian Oil and Gas Sector Team


Working Group, Offshore Certification and Training, Canadian Marine Advisory


Provided upon request.