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openvpn and tap device
Asked by
Pol Hallen
on 2013-05-28T18:14:23-04:00
Hi all!

I installed openvpn (I use it like client).

There isn't any "openvpn_enable=YES" and openvpn_if="tap" in rc.conf but
after start openvpn I can connect to openvpn server and clients.

ifconfig doesn't show me any tap interface

is it a correct situation?

May 28, 2013
Week 22, 2013
May, 2013
Year 2013
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Answer by
Arthur Chance
on 2013-05-29T03:36:51-04:00
It's a while since I looked at OpenVPN, so this is from unreliable
memory, but IIRC it uses tap devices under Windows and tun devices under
Unix(ish) OSes. Do you see tun0 appear?

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Answer by
Andrea Venturoli
on 2013-05-29T04:00:11-04:00
It can use tun OR tap device on both Unix(ish) (and IIRC the same holds
for Windows).

Yes (unless I use a tap based setup).

Answer by
Pol Hallen
on 2013-05-29T11:52:45-04:00
sorry for the mistake: tun device

I don't have any tun devices but I can use openvpn to connect to other vpn

Answer by
on 2013-06-01T16:38:42-04:00
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openvpn and tap device
Do you start openvpn from console or have you a log- file for openvpn?
There stand, what openvpn is doing and how it connect.
Answer by
Teske, Devin
on 2013-06-01T16:47:06-04:00
tun devices are used with software like vpnc in my experience.
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Answer by
Beni Brinckman
on 2013-06-02T04:57:49-04:00
I had to use tap0 instead of tun0 to get a connexion.
I first create it with "ifconfig tap0 create" and then make the connexion
with "openvpn --config
.ovpn --dev tap0".
This works for me.

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