* How to use “OpenVPN”.


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* How to use “OpenVPN”.
VPN is the program that can access a local network from remote
computer(outside network) as if the local network accessing.
SquareOne is adopted “OpenVPN”.

Before starting the OpenVPN, In case of no-installation of HDD Image(supplied as CD), firstly
please install the “HDD Image” and wait in 30minutes at least for server setting.

<How to set>
1. First of all, please download the “OpenVPN” program the following web :
(please refer to the below)


The execution program is named “Open VPN-2.0.9-gui-1.0.3-install.exe” and click & install to
the Client PC
(please refer to the below)

- Click “Next”

- Click “I Agree”


- Click Next(recommended default value).

- Designate installation folder or and click “Install”.


- Click “Next”.

- Click “Finish”.


2. At the
side, Log-in in the SquareOne Web UI.

3. Click “APPS & Services-Service-VPN” and select "Start" and "Save".
Please wait in a few minute.

If Internet is not connected, please execute the “internet connection recovery mode” or
“ipconfig /renew” in the DOS Mode.
(please refer to the below).

4. Please create “
Configuration file
▷ Hostname
: Please input your static ip address.
It is used for user having static IP address and domain.

▷ Wan IP
: Access to the VPN Server by using Static/Dynamic IP Address.

▷ DDNS(recommended)
: The user do not need create again the Configuration file whenever IP

5. Please click “
generate & save
download is opened.


6. Please upzip and save to the “C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config” folder of
Client PC.
(please refer to the below)

7. Please find “OpenVPN GUI” at the right bottom and click right-mouse button and select


8. Finally, you can find the accessing status screen and for a little while, you can access to the
SquareOne as if local network.
(pleaser refer to the below).

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